Thursday, February 03, 2011

Heavy in Your Arms

I am still around but taking a long vacation from everything internet. Taking some time to watch TV [just became addicted to Korean dramas and movies... go figure] and do actually nothing. Sounds strange but yes. I am totally stock in everything. Perhaps I will return someday to my internet lifestyle... perhaps I wont. After been so much time away it doesn't seem like I am needed or miss here either so why push it. Will post whenever I feel like it or whatever.

For now just enjoy this song until next time. I just felt like I had to share this song with you guys. If you have not heard this song before you should it is quite amazing also read the lyrics in case you miss something while you are on the trip of the song. I do recommend to get Florence + The Machine music. This song was featured on Twilight: Eclipse OST... but that is the best thing that Twilight haves the Soundtracks the rest doesn't actually matter. All of the saga soundtracks are way too good for the movies.


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