Things To Do.

List of things I have do, I need to do, I want or whatever. No particular order.
__ Done __ Can't DO __ Failed
  1. HTC Evo or HTC Epic Seems impossible do thanks to Sprint!
  2. Fix Laptop [get new hard rive and external hard drive with lots of space  perhaps +500g]
  3. New subscription to Juxtapoz Magazine... not quite sure since I can check it out online anyways will keep this at bay. too expensive for me so NOT DOING IT!
  4. Awesome XMas gift for my god daughter.
  5. Stop redesigning my webpage. >.<
  6. Get down with the P90X thing again. Will go to GYM instead.
  7. Hang out with my friends and party/drink more often. LEFT the country can't do now. :/ 
  8. Perhaps stop selling my art. No ones seems to care anyways. [take note on new ways to make shit happen]
  9. Travel to some place next year or by the end of the year. [leaving April 13 to USA... not sure if coming back]
  10. Go to more museums but that goes under #9 since the best ones are far away.
  11. Follow more artists and check out more are related sites. Less bullshit and people that gossip.
  12. Close facebook or at least delete all the info on it. I hardly ever use it. Makes no sense on keeping it. I guess. -still have to ponder on this-
  13. Be more userfriendly with people.
  14. Keep the 365 Projects as long as I can. FAILED
  15. Get a Wii :D
  16. Spend less time online and more time creating and record everything on ustream so I can share it online. Hmm makes no sense to spend less time online right. But I know what I meant.
  17. Take pictures of myself. I can't just change who I am so fuck that.
  18. Perhaps get a netbook so my laptop can rest and be used only for Photoshop and stuff.
  19. Get bigger/better trashcan or look up for some recycling items that divides in three parts so I can separate stuff in categories. Keep preaching recycling in my home. Yes I recycle.
  20. Do more DIY projects. I love doing them.
  22. Buy art prints from numerous artist I have found on tumblr and around the net.
  23. Hang more stuff on my walls. They are too boring. Also get frames and 3M gluing thingys.
  24. Scratch items that I actually done from this list. VERY IMPORTANT!
  25. Keep adding more stuff as I go and don't make more lists.
  26. Stop posting facts on my scrapbook and post them here on blogger since this IS my personal blog. This includes random pics and other random shit I post there.
  27. WIRELESS keyboard. VIP
Updated MAY 26 2011 
Had to updated and kind of make a new one whatever cause I moved to Florida so some items on the list can't be transfered for now. I will do them whenever I can make it happen.
  1. Lear Korean well just started...
  2. Visit South Korean in two or three years.
  3. Go To GYM.