Office Space

Since last year I have a mission of making my bedroom more a workspace with a bed. I think I finally managed to do that. If you want to see the complete process since last year you can go here, here, here, here or here. Follow that order.

Many of the things on the desk like the storage units I bought some small glass cups very cheap. For some of the markers and pencils I used empty walgreens nuts containers -yes the peanut, almond and mixed nuts ones. They work awesomely. Other things I used are crystal light packages the lid is awesome, other great stuff is the pounce cat treats I use them to keep my pens since they are for different purposes and so on. The chair I covered it with some old black shirts I had around one of them being of Emily the strange that well it was perfect since it combained well with the wall. The message boards they are recycled too. Many years with both of them just a little paint or contact paper over them and you are good to go. The black can with the large brushes that was just covered with contact paper.

If you have any questions about any of the items shown do ask me. I hope you got some ideas.