Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Last One

Just found out like two hours ago that the last of my albino cockatiels passed away. I am sad. My mom even cried she was the one that spent most of the time with him and the rest cause she is retired. Anyways. Like I sad before I had him since 2002 perhaps. I don't recall seems like they have been here since forever. Like their noise have always been around the house.

I stayed downstairs waiting for my mom to get home and tell her but I just couldn't wait I called her and told her about the bird and could listen to her sobbing with sadness. She really love those birds. I already miss the noise even when sometimes it got on my nerves. Now I wont have nobody to greet me when I come downstairs. I wont hear him singing early in the morning whit the other cockatiels from the street. -sigh-

He was a good husband. His wife passed away last year on my hands she was ill. She laid 7 eggs, 5 of them survived. I sold 4 of them and kept the smallest one that also already passed away like 6 months before her mother. They took great care of those 5 birdies. They never had more babies. Now they are gone but always loved. Other posts of my birds here and here. Perhaps this is a chance for mom to love a little more Sondag.


  1. I'm so sorry, it is always sad when a pet dies. They're not just little animals, they're companions, they're friends.



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