Hanging postcards.

On the first photo you will see the materials you will need. The canvas can be any size you need it to be. If you can make the frame good for you. I don't have those skills so I used some old unwanted canvas I had on my room. I used fishing string to make the "hanging" cord. Just tie the string to each side of the frame vertical or horizontal. Make sure you mark the sizes of the postcards so they don't get too overlapped and people can actually appreciate them. The paper clips are the ones that will hold the postcards on the string. So they will be actually hanging on the string.

I had all this items on my home. If you don't have fishing string you can use a ribbon or whatever you feel like using. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now. I looked around the internet and got a few ideas until I saw the canvas. The double sided tape is for gluing the frame to the wall.

 Postcards hanger Postcards hanger

I am not good with tutorials but I hope you got the overall idea. Here is the final product.

Postcards hanger