French Onion Soup

I love cooking. I am not a fan of soups but I like to taste new flavors and therefore I went to youtube cause i wanted to do a French Onion soup. I found the video below and made it.

I changed some things. I didn't used beef stock cause I don't have it instead I used chicken bouillon [cubitos caldo pollo]. That did the trick. Other thing I added broccoli to the soup. For the bread I used caesar salad croûtons or the regular croûton both work well but if you use the caesar salad be carefull with the salt factor. It could become an issue. Been there. Cheeses... well I used creme cheese, Velveeta cheese and Italian five cheese. I love cheese. Yesterday I was looking up for a new recipe and I found this other video and it is really good too so check it out..

The result....

IMG_4575 IMG_4573