Do you consider yourself a good artist?

I don't consider my self a bad artist or a good artist. I know I have some art skills and that -like every thing else- we do have our good days or bad days.

Sometimes I do some artworks that I am even impress with my outcomes but there are days that I really wonder if I do have those skills or I am just been lucky. There is always a contradiction that at some point can keep you balanced.

I am just an artist that tries its best to do what she feels is the right thing at that moment. This is more about knowing what you can or can't do and work with it. Above all to stay real with yourself. That makes you a good artist.

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  1. i totally agree with your sentiment. sometimes i look back on my art and wonder how that particular piece ended up being so fabulous? and then i doubt whether i would ever be able to replicate that again.


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