Bookworms get united with glue.

For the last few months I have been checkin in to mostly every movie, music, book, place or thing that I do via If you havent heard or visit the site you should. I have discovered lots of new books, movies, music after joining them. Also found out that there are lots of people with my same interests.

Besides knowing people with your same interest you also get to collect some stickers, review topics -books, music, movies, etc-  and comment on them. How that works? Well after you checkin frequently, review comment on a subject you get to own a sticker that shows your real passion towards that certain thing you are checking into. I myself have already 80+ stickers. Yes I am fan.

If you are a bookworm this is the best time to get glued. On October 5 the list of stickers to collect and show off will grow even more cause they just teamed up with Hachette Book Group, Simon & Schuster, Random House, and Penguin for exclusive stickers for both the biggest titles of the fall and perennially bestselling authors. So you still have time to join and start collecting them along with all the other great stickers the already have. Show off your favorite authors and books review and critize them with other readers share notes. Who said reading books wasn't fun anymore. I want to see how many of my authors make the list and find new books to read. Yey!