Old Paintings.

Yes some old paintings I did around 2006 - 2007. If you have been following the blog for some time you will remember them. Anyways I think I am kind of giving them for auction next week. Not sure yet. I am mad crazy to get rid of this paintings and next week I think will be the day. Finally! Not that I don't like them cause I do but still I am so tired of seen them around the house that well yes I am happy that they might leave my house. Anyways I just felt like uploading them. If next week event doesn't fulfil I will have to do something else with them. I will let you guys know. Until then... enjoy!

BTW! I think this photos are the best ones I have ever taken of this paintings. Lol!



  1. Sis, tienes unos trabajos buenísimos. Hay trabajos aquí que no había visto. Deberías abrir una galería y exhibirlos. Otra cosa, me fascino el nuevo design de tu blog. Great work. Saludos, lil' sis.


  2. @tony Bendicion. Very glad you liked the new look. pues lo de la galeria we gotta talk pa ponerte al dia. Hablamos y se me cuida.

  3. Me encanta el cuarto cuadro! Deberias ponerlo en tu tienda, así yo podría comprarlo! =)

  4. @llu muchas gracias. hay alguna manera en la cual me pueda comunicar contigo?


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