An Exhibition up for Auction plus Music.

So yes it is official. I will have an exhibition/auction Friday 13 of August -of all days I know-. This exhibit contains artwork from the Plastic Jam that took place 4 years ago. It was a LIVE painting and music event I was part of. The guys from SER.ES invited me to be part of their new event and project. The paintings I did back then [cierca 2006-2007] will be up for auction along side others I made after the event on my own. 

I am really nervous and excited about all this since it is like my first and perhaps only "solo art event". I am not even sure if I will be attending because of this I'm really shy when it comes to things like this. Many people always wondered if they were up for sale and I always said no but I think that after all this year they need a home so if you want to be the new father of my 'children' you are totally welcome.

Besides the exhibition there will be great music by Saúl Robles (Guitarrista de UN.REAL), Ser.Es, Francotiradores de Melancolía, and ONGO which is the main purpose of the activity. There is more informaiton of the activity on facebook and myspace. Support local music and art, it is our future today.

View Larger Map 1367 Ave Franklin Delano Roosevelt, San Juan 00920, Puerto Rico


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