Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The fall of pop.

Just watched This is it. You know the movie of the rehearsal of Michael Jackson concerts that he sadly never did. After watching it this song Man in the mirror is the one they use to close or wrap up the whole 'documentary' great song to wrap it up.

Anyways I want to share this cause this young modern artist today all say they love Michael and consider him an icon but I think that none really get what he was trying to do. We all know him as the King of POP but I am sure that he wouldn't like half of the Pop artist now days. Most of them just 'write' or 'sing' just for the sake of money making and branding. Michael had all this people not because he was gorgeous, not because he was sexy he had all that because his songs were meaningful, easy to relate to them, they touched peoples hearts, minds and had a message must of them a social message [from love and fight racism to save the planet]. Even with all the money he made you could see his humbleness. Something kids today gotta learn.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Noisy Vuvuzelas

Creo que ya todos a estas alturas saben que se esta celebrando la Copa Mundial de Soccer. Si has visto los partidos imagino que TIENES que haber escuchado un inmenso avispero mientras el juego esta corriendo. Este 'avispero' es el sonido creado por las vuvuzelas y guess what a la gente no le gusta el sonido y ya han hecho hasta pleas para que las baneen

Entiendo que el sonido no es algo al que estamos acostumbrandos pero como es posible que pidan que las eliminen. Eso no es justo debido a que es algo tipico de Sudafrica. Ellos celebran con esta 'trompeta' sus partidos y creo que es un objeto digno de coleccion en este evento. Ahora mas con todo lo que ha dado de que hablar. Es annoying y todo pero quitarlas seria como si vinieran todos para Puerto Rico y mandaran a matar los coquies porque no los dejan dormir por la noche. Seria como pedirle a los brasileros que no toquen samba durante sus partidos. Como si nos dijeran a nosotros que no podemos tocar las pleneras en los partidos.

Friday, June 04, 2010

What album changed your life?

album that changed my life... I 've to say Vagabundo de Draco. Not because of the music -which bt the way I trully enjoy- but for all the people that became great friends thanks to me discovering that album.

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