Tim deck cards.

IMG_4059Last month I came back from my trip to NYC and had the pleasure to visit and enjoy Tim Burton at the MoMA. Once there I got some deck cards [you can buy them here]. My whole idea of getting the cards was to make it a decoration piece for my home with out ruining or making it expensive.

Saturday I went to Walgreen and got a poster frame 11x24 and set up the deck cards there only the AKQJ and jockers the rest are the same . It looks awesome but I need a bigger frame., perhaps a 18x24. Once I get the bigger frame I shall put it on my living room. It will look so nice and it only cost me less than $20.

I love to have things in my home that makes people wonder what they are. I bet this could become a great conversation piece with some friends that have no clue about Tim Burton. It might freak them out. By the way looking back I regret no buying some of the postcards they had there. They are not available at the MoMA store either so that is sad.


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