Sentimental Value.

[Grand parents house and my dad back in 1970]

I was talking to a friend while we saw some old photos from Puerto Rico about how this generation hardly cares about what their grand parents have on their houses and the sentimental value or real value they have.

For example this fish on the side here. On ebay this fish is worthless someone from Australia haves it on sale for  .99 cents but for me it doesnt have a price. Why? Cause my dads mother haves this fish since the 1950-60 or so. Back then she lived on Chicago, US. So all this years and that fish is still "swiming". She gave it to me a few years ago cause she knows I like to keep all this things.

When I re-decorated my house I took the fish paint it and made is useful again. She believe that after all this year I didn't had the fish so I showed the "new" to her and she was so happy. Now the fish owns my remote controls and I love the fish. 

Like this fish I have plenty of other items, bills, papers and photos that I have managed to keep safe from total extinction. Sadly to say I don't have kids so I am like the last samurai for this matter. I am the one that will try to keep some of the stuff from both sides of my family mom and dad. The rest of the  descendants pretty much don't care about this so I will try my best. That way I keep the foundation of my family and never forget what my grand parents went through just so that my parents could have a better life. 

My mother haves 9 brothers my dad only haves 1 but each family had their own stories to tell and share. Many of the new generation have no clue about what the hell happen and that is pretty sad. They wont know from where they came from and what brought them wherever they are now. In the end that is ancient history but it is our/your history and we/you should try harder in keeping it.