Peacock tells the story of a troubled man named John Skillpa played by Cillian Murphy. John Skillpa haves a personality disorder problem and the movie addresses that issue in a non peculiar way. The characters are very humanized and you can somehow feel for them. I really don't want to explain a lot of the situations on the movie so I don't spoiled it for you. Thing is that it is a great psychological thriller Psycho style but more "modern". Amazing photography and script. It will have you pondering on the possibilities of what can, could and will happen while you see the characters take life on their own. A great battle inside John Skillpa.

Cillian Murphy is amazing on this movie. He owns the characters in every possible way. Quite stunning his skills. Susan Sarandon plays Fanny Crill the mayor's wife. She is an independent and always natural and her character is very influent on things that happen on the movie. Ellen Page plays Maggie also is great and important on the movie. but I don't know why people only want to see this movie because of her cause the star is Cillian, the house and the train. After the movie ended I talked with my father about the title and ended up saying it was symbolic and literal. Say hi to Emma when you see her. Once you watch the movie you will know what I am talking about.

If you get to buy/rent the movie do check the special features cause it is worth watching. Intersting to know the film was filmed in one month. It haves lots of information about the making of movie and characters. It also haves an alternate ending but both are very good one more creepier than the other. The movie was released on DVD April 20, 2010. Directed by Michael Lander. Screenplay by Michael Lander & Ryan O Roy

I will share the trailer with you guys but don't let this trailer leave you here go and watch the movie it is really good. You will enjoy it.