It all started here.

IMG_1599My dad once told me that when he was at Vietnam some one of his officer wanted to get him a job at Disney or something like that but back then he couldn't pursue a career on art or anything art related cause my grand parents couldn't afford it.

I remember that when I had all this school projects my dad most of the times  helped me do the drawings for them. Once I had to do one of a bunch of "hombres ilustres" from Puerto Rico and he did each and everyone of them just by looking at them. It was awesome to see him drawing. The professor liked the project cause she never returned.

I few years ago I found my dad's sketchbook. He was into architecture, designing cars well most of it was industrial design. He also did cabinets in fact he did my house cabinets and most all the rooms furnitures [bed, cupboards, side tables and so on] we used to help him do some of this jobs. He loved it and I enjoyed pretty much all this things going on in my house.

He always supported my artistic dreams and at some point I feel that I have disappointed him in many ways. He always provided me with everything even today he always trying to keep me updated. He was the one that got me my great camera, my intous my silkscreen color pencils well everything. I think he was happy to see that at least one of his children  had his artistic genes. So yeah it makes me feel sad that I am so laidback and stupid. Anyways... back to the whole thing.

I love my father and it all started because of him. He have been my biggest inspiration. Now days he can't do cabinets and he hardly ever draws. Which is pretty sad I wish he could do that again but he doesn't have time for that he is too busy dealing with his parents and other matters.

The other day I found this sketchbook again while looking for some of my old drawings and decided to take some photos to keep them safe even if the sketchbook disappears or gets ruined. My dad was 18 when some of this drawings were made --around 1965-1970--. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  It all started here. Enjoy!