Closet and Shirts.

Found my self a little bit bored earlier today. Well actually not bored.but with lots of times in my hands. So the past few days I have been re-arranging my room shape.. moved the desk and other stuff around the room.

Today the target was the closet. Thing I love about arranging my closet is to put the shirts by color. For me it makes life a lot easier and well I love color so why not do this. I also place them new ones first then the older on each color. Simple things that I enjoy about life.


Now I am looking forward to do something with all the shirts that I took out from the closet. Perhaps some shopping bags or some pillows. Not sure yet. So far today I managed to take two of this old shirts and did a cover for the desk chair. It turned out wonderful. Very happy with the result. now I have an Emily the Strange chair. Awesome.



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