Walking around NYC and MoMA

Spent the whole day walking around New York. Went to the the MoMA museum it was all awesome. I got to see the Tim Burton Expo but we weren't allowed to take photos therefore there are any here.

I was pretty happy to see Van Gogh, Picasso, Miro and well many more artists. I loved the museum and I am really happy that I went. It was more than I expected. Still wonder what it took me so long to get there but I finally went. Anyways tomorrow I will put some photos of the papers and stuff I bought on the museum.

If you haven't visit this museum or any other museum let me tell you that you should. Please do a favor to yourself visit your closer museum and appreciate art and the artists. Take your children and teach them to appreciate the museums history, art, music... well any type of museum will be good for them.