Valentines and a hand bag.

So as we all know now this past weekend was Valentines day. And well we just got rid of that horrible disastrous day. At least for me because of many reasons not only because I spent it alone as I always do but many things happened. And to be honest I had a lot of bad news today so this weekend was like a prelude to all the disaster that was about to come over me.

Now to the important things in life.... 
I made this bag yesterday. I love the fabric and pattern. Great color combination. All hand sew. Still haven't manage to use the sewing machine. I might do more bags cause I need to put up the shop and sell stuff. I need the money. My working hours have just been cut down way too much and I have a car to pay so I do need the money. Thankfully I already paid my flying ticket so that is al done but I still have a lot of things this year that involve money. So lets see how this goes. I could become very stormy.