Blog Facelit.

Say hello to the new and redisgned/organized blog. This past few day I've been making some changes on the blog. Like I mention on an earlier post this week. Here you can see how the blog ended up looking after all the changes. I think it is more organized in some way.

Now from the home screen you can access and see almost everything. You can reach my networks, other projects and even my shop.

About: Includes infomation about me the blog my photos, where you can contact me and some privacy policy. It would be good if you read that.

Contact Me: Gives you a space to ask me questions about the blog, my art or anything you wanna know related to the blog and all its content. If the questions are good enough they could be even published on the front page of the blog.

My Shop: I practically moved the shop to this blog/site. From that link you can read all shop related like shipping information and payment of the orders and so on. After reading the info you can go shopping by clicking on the button provided on the page. If you see something interesting that you would like to buy or know more about it you can use the contact me form and please include links to the post of the item in question.

Archive: Archive of the blog posts since 2004 until the present day.

BlogRoll: BlogRoll includes my tumblr and google reader feeds all un one place. Now you know see what I like and enjoy.

Click images for full preview, thanks.

Left  to right on the first row Home, About Me and Contact me pages.

Left  to right on the second row BlogRoll [feeds, tumblr, etc.], My Shop and Archive