Ah! The Green Soup

Lately I have become like a frequently broccoli eater. This broccoli eating is new for me. I know people always have this hate for broccoli just because it is green and looks like tiny green tree. I didn't liked broccoli until last year. So lately I've been wondering what else can be done with broccoli and one of the things I normally see is broccoli soup. Not everybody does it the same way therefore I went to my handy dandy google site and hunt down recipes for broccoli soup or cream soup.

I found good ones Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Cheese from epicurious.com and Best Cream Of Broccoli Soup from allrecipes.com. I read the whole thing but I was missing half the items on the list. So I kept looking for how to make chicken broth but I didn't had any of the the ingredients.

Went back to the google page and checked out some videos. Then I hit the jackpot. I start watching this video and it is this guy from TV so I say to myself he knows what he is doing and when he said you don't need chicken broth I was ok this is it.

Made a mess on the kitchen just to have everything at hand. Did the whole thing but I added some extras like milk, black pepper, sazon [ajo cebolla oregano, etc] and some chives green onions. The whole milk water thing made it more ehh liquefied? Well the thing is that it didn't turned out like I expected. I don't even knew what the expect since I never did before but I liked it. 

For next time I know that I can put more black pepper on it, more condiments to get the flavor that I was expecting. I also need cheddar cheese or a good cheese cause I only had single slices from Kraft. So yeah. What I did and will do again was to fry up some Queso Blanco/Queso de freir [white cheese]. I cut the cheese in slices until they get crunchy but not burn. They will end up looking like export sodas crackers or something like that. 

That combination of queso blanco/queso de freir made the difference. Loved it and once I get all the right materials or well ingredients I will do it again and will try it out with different things. Good thing is that it is healthy. It only contains broccoli and I think that you get all your vegetable portions in one. Anyways here are some pictures. Ouh by the way I ended up happy cause after I saw the video again I think I really got the right consistency of the soup so it was all good. But don't forget seasoning. VERY important. By the way the "brown" thing on the right is jugo de tamarindo [tamarind juice].


  1. NICE!!!! Yum! I want to try this one: http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/2010/02/broccoli-arugula-soup/


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