Thursday, February 25, 2010


Nothing much to say about this. Just birdie.

Birdie Birdie

Art & Clint.

Made this last night while I was watching Clint Eastwood Biography on Bio channel. It was so late that I didnt even posted it. I was tried anyways. This morning went to photoshop and gave it some color. Loved the outcome of it. Hope you guys also enjoy it.

By the way Clint Eastwood was a real casanova a ladies man. Married like 5 times with a total of 7 children on marriages and outside marriages. Faithful only to his career, kids and the town Carmel by the sea in California. He even was the mayor of the place. Didn't knew that. He was smoking hot when he was young. He will be missed when he is gone. Great actor director.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scrambled Toast

Mmm! French toast and hot choco in the morning always sounds good. Right? I wanted to do french toast but after checking what I had on my fridge I decided to make it a scrambled egg toast. Got some onions, cheese and good old bacon. Tasty as hell. I love cooking.

Simple things in life.

Cocoa Time

Hot Cocoa & Time <3
Taken earlier today  it is kind of chilly here.
This was the best thing of the whole week.
Just a simple delicious cup of  hot cocoa.
Enjoying the simple things of life one at a time.
Should do this more often.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines and a hand bag.

So as we all know now this past weekend was Valentines day. And well we just got rid of that horrible disastrous day. At least for me because of many reasons not only because I spent it alone as I always do but many things happened. And to be honest I had a lot of bad news today so this weekend was like a prelude to all the disaster that was about to come over me.

Now to the important things in life.... 
I made this bag yesterday. I love the fabric and pattern. Great color combination. All hand sew. Still haven't manage to use the sewing machine. I might do more bags cause I need to put up the shop and sell stuff. I need the money. My working hours have just been cut down way too much and I have a car to pay so I do need the money. Thankfully I already paid my flying ticket so that is al done but I still have a lot of things this year that involve money. So lets see how this goes. I could become very stormy.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blog Facelit.

Say hello to the new and redisgned/organized blog. This past few day I've been making some changes on the blog. Like I mention on an earlier post this week. Here you can see how the blog ended up looking after all the changes. I think it is more organized in some way.

Now from the home screen you can access and see almost everything. You can reach my networks, other projects and even my shop.

About: Includes infomation about me the blog my photos, where you can contact me and some privacy policy. It would be good if you read that.

Contact Me: Gives you a space to ask me questions about the blog, my art or anything you wanna know related to the blog and all its content. If the questions are good enough they could be even published on the front page of the blog.

My Shop: I practically moved the shop to this blog/site. From that link you can read all shop related like shipping information and payment of the orders and so on. After reading the info you can go shopping by clicking on the button provided on the page. If you see something interesting that you would like to buy or know more about it you can use the contact me form and please include links to the post of the item in question.

Archive: Archive of the blog posts since 2004 until the present day.

BlogRoll: BlogRoll includes my tumblr and google reader feeds all un one place. Now you know see what I like and enjoy.

Click images for full preview, thanks.

Left  to right on the first row Home, About Me and Contact me pages.

Left  to right on the second row BlogRoll [feeds, tumblr, etc.], My Shop and Archive

Book Project [pages 15-16]

This is the page 15-16 of my Book Project

More Info: I will make a drawing on every page until it is done. The project consist on using the same text for inspiration. Even when what you end up drawing isn't related to the subject/theme of the book. I will scan the text on the page and pick a phrase/sentence and from there I will try to illustrate it.

Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag

Ambulance Plane
Abulance Plane

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ah! The Green Soup

Lately I have become like a frequently broccoli eater. This broccoli eating is new for me. I know people always have this hate for broccoli just because it is green and looks like tiny green tree. I didn't liked broccoli until last year. So lately I've been wondering what else can be done with broccoli and one of the things I normally see is broccoli soup. Not everybody does it the same way therefore I went to my handy dandy google site and hunt down recipes for broccoli soup or cream soup.

I found good ones Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Cheese from and Best Cream Of Broccoli Soup from I read the whole thing but I was missing half the items on the list. So I kept looking for how to make chicken broth but I didn't had any of the the ingredients.

Went back to the google page and checked out some videos. Then I hit the jackpot. I start watching this video and it is this guy from TV so I say to myself he knows what he is doing and when he said you don't need chicken broth I was ok this is it.

Made a mess on the kitchen just to have everything at hand. Did the whole thing but I added some extras like milk, black pepper, sazon [ajo cebolla oregano, etc] and some chives green onions. The whole milk water thing made it more ehh liquefied? Well the thing is that it didn't turned out like I expected. I don't even knew what the expect since I never did before but I liked it. 

For next time I know that I can put more black pepper on it, more condiments to get the flavor that I was expecting. I also need cheddar cheese or a good cheese cause I only had single slices from Kraft. So yeah. What I did and will do again was to fry up some Queso Blanco/Queso de freir [white cheese]. I cut the cheese in slices until they get crunchy but not burn. They will end up looking like export sodas crackers or something like that. 

That combination of queso blanco/queso de freir made the difference. Loved it and once I get all the right materials or well ingredients I will do it again and will try it out with different things. Good thing is that it is healthy. It only contains broccoli and I think that you get all your vegetable portions in one. Anyways here are some pictures. Ouh by the way I ended up happy cause after I saw the video again I think I really got the right consistency of the soup so it was all good. But don't forget seasoning. VERY important. By the way the "brown" thing on the right is jugo de tamarindo [tamarind juice].

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Organizing & Restructuring.

This past few day I've been making some changes on the blog.
Nothing huge but more like organizing it. I Still have to come up with a great header banner.
Perhaps I will keep the same Reavel thing just change the watercolor background.

I'll be closing down the "site" and will put all my attention on the blog.
It makes sense since I actually have everything linked to the blog.
Meaning there is no reason to keep the site.

Stay tune for more info. will soon become so it will change on its own no need to do a thing. Thanks!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Book Project [pages 12-14]

This is the page 12-14 of my Book Project

More Info: I will make a drawing on every page until it is done. The project consist on using the same text for inspiration. Even when what you end up drawing isn't related to the subject/theme of the book. I will scan the text on the page and pick a phrase/sentence and from there I will try to illustrate it.

End of the Road
End of the Road


Area 17
Area 17


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