Haiti Earthquake...

Ok! I will start this post been a little harsh... I am angry and mad with all this people talking bullshit about things they don't know. I am also angry cause Haiti have always been a country in need. It is sad that it took an earthquake for people to kind of realize that hey they do need help. No fucking kidding. They always had.

I don't know a lot of their history but I know they have been trough a lot of situations with no good outcomes --dictatorship, hurricane and now the earthquake--. At least on the news I saw a very good International response on the matter but my fear is that after a month all this goes back to nothing. I think that is the fear of many other people too.

Anyway if you still have a heart and feel perhaps you wish to go there and do something but you can't take a plane and go there but you can donate now. Also be careful to which organization or people you donate. Look up for secure organizations that will really help in all this.  Earlier today I saw all this text messaging and people asking for donations for the Haiti Earthquake situation. Since the world have become so corrupted I don’t trust everyone that says I am collecting for this and that. Sorry guys.
Therefore I just went to http://www.redcross.org and donated $20 to the@redcross for the International Response Fund which covers the Haiti Earthquake situation.
Go and do your part at http://www.redcross.org #Haiti. It could be you the next one in need. Help out!


  1. I feel you. Haiti is the poorest country in the Caribbean. I'm tired of hearing and reading all the bullshit people have to say about the matter. Just shut up and DO something. Every little bit helps. :)

  2. @Lucila
    Thanks! And yes way too much bullshit on twitter and everywhere about this situation. Just help them out that is what they really need.


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