Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner Room

Hello. Here I am with another DIY project I did yesterday.
I needed new curtains for my dinner. Even when I like all the sun that gets inside my house at night for me this becomes a burden cause when I turn all the lights on all my second floor neighbors can/could see me. When you like to walk around your house on boxers or underwear or whatever that is a HUGE problem. Therefore I said I need some curtains to avoid all that drama.

Went to Capri store [it is like a mini department store. you can find great things at great prices] and got two full flat sheets for the price of $5.95 each in the color that I needed them. Got home took some measures and started my project. I cute them up to fit the required space.

Then I sew/glued them up so they ended up looking as curtains. This can be done very easy if you use the sewing tape [Heat N Bond tape] you just have to iron the corners and thats about it. Do read the instructions when doing this. After that I just took some white acrylic paint and made the details or pattern you'll see here. I am thinking of adding some black or brown in the same patter to the curtain so the colors show up on the curtain.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake...

Ok! I will start this post been a little harsh... I am angry and mad with all this people talking bullshit about things they don't know. I am also angry cause Haiti have always been a country in need. It is sad that it took an earthquake for people to kind of realize that hey they do need help. No fucking kidding. They always had.

I don't know a lot of their history but I know they have been trough a lot of situations with no good outcomes --dictatorship, hurricane and now the earthquake--. At least on the news I saw a very good International response on the matter but my fear is that after a month all this goes back to nothing. I think that is the fear of many other people too.

Anyway if you still have a heart and feel perhaps you wish to go there and do something but you can't take a plane and go there but you can donate now. Also be careful to which organization or people you donate. Look up for secure organizations that will really help in all this.  Earlier today I saw all this text messaging and people asking for donations for the Haiti Earthquake situation. Since the world have become so corrupted I don’t trust everyone that says I am collecting for this and that. Sorry guys.
Therefore I just went to and donated $20 to the@redcross for the International Response Fund which covers the Haiti Earthquake situation.
Go and do your part at #Haiti. It could be you the next one in need. Help out!

Monday, January 04, 2010

PhotoBook: Around the Island

YES! My photobook just got here today.
Woohoo! It is super awesome. I feel so happy the book came out perfectly.

The whole print is amazing.
The book is square 7x7 inches it haves 60 pages.
Available in soft cover or hard cover. [Watch Preview]

You can get the Photo Book on
Well here are some photos of the book.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Around the Island

A couple of weeks ago I went to and made a photo boook with many of my flickr photos. The photo book is called Around the Island. It contains photos from many places I have visited in Puerto Rico.

The whole idea is to show other photos besides the ones you normally see on tourism books. We always get to see Old San Juan, The Morro and El Yunque es if those were the only places to visit or go while you are in Puerto Rico.

I also ordered one for myself to see how it comes out. It haven't arrived yet. I think it is because of the Christmas season but I am really looking forward for it to get home so I can take some photos and share them with you guys.

The book is already available to buy via You can also find more information and see a preview of the book on that same page.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010

Feliz 2010...
This is a video I took from my roof top a while ago.


Lots of blessings to all of you on this new year.


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