Ouh My Gifts!

So yeah Christmas day just passed we all are now playing using or experimenting with our gifts. I have to be very honest I was shocked by my  Christmas gifts this year. Really shocked. Normally when you have your birthday near Christmas they give you just one gift that will cover all the celebrations of the season -Birthday, Christmas and Three Kings day-. My family went over the top.

My sister surprised me with an iPod -you will see it charging on the background- for my birthday. My dad/mom for Christmas got me an Wacom Intuos 4 and my sister got me Coraline DVD. I feel sad cause I couldnt or didnt got them anything. I can't afford to give them good expensive or well valuable things and I know they just don't care but I feel bad honestly.

I am working my way around to see if I can get them something for Three Kings days which is pretty soon -January  6-. I already have my sister cover but still need to get something for mom and dad. I really don't know what to get for mom she is kind of dificult in this aspect so perhaps a gift card will do... not sure. Dad I can get him anything from blue ray to computer stuff he is easier to deal with... Ha Ha!

We had a gathering the night before Noche Buena and some friends came over. We had arroz con gadules, pasteles, lechon, pavo and ensalada de papa. We still have many of the food around. It feels like Thanksgiving that you dont know what to with the turkey two days after well we are dealing with that now. It was quite cool to have people. It was an stressful week well weeks but it is all over now. Yey! Finally! Hope you all had a great Christmas day.