Julie, Julia, cooking and blogging.

Today I saw some movies while I was working. Then when I got home I saw another movie my dad rented. The movie was Julie & Julia. I bet many of you have seen it. If you haven't that is cool too but you should see it anyways.

This movie was better than expected for me. I love the fact that Julie Powell was blogging about her personal project The Julie/Julia Project. I am so envious of Julie for the fact that her husband actually gave her the idea of opening a blog and get along with this project. She had a boring exhausting job but when she got home she had her kitchen.

I Like I have said many times keeping a blog is hard work. More this kind of blog but still she made it. I also liked the way she felt when writing and making the recipes trying not to lie on her post just write whatever happened cause she felt she would be not be truthful to her readers/fans.

I remember watching Julia Child and always believed she was a crazy woman nothing like I have seen before on the kitchen she always seem happy on her shows. I believe they were re-runs but I know I saw a few. She was like natural and did things the same way you do it on your kitchen. Nothing fancy just used what you had around. Always effective, always cool. I enjoyed it. I always said that lady is freaking tall but friendly. I believed she was British but she is from California... go figure she had a great accent nothing Californian.. [loved her strange accent] .

Anyways I liked the movie. Also they were both on their 30's so I guess I still can do things. I guess. There is hope for me some way. Now I gotta work on it. Ahhh.. I have to say this I loved Julia's kitchen it is a dream come true for anyone that enjoys cooking. So spacious.

PS: while looking up her info on the net on wikipedia it says there is another book from Julie Powell titled Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession... it is about or well it relates the story of an affair she had after the book about Julia was published and she goes traveling around the world learning the butchery skills... yeah she becomes a butcher. This book review goes from good to awfully bad so you might have to read it to really see what all this messy shit is about.