The iPod & I

So yeah I know have an iPod. Those that know me might be laughing since I always said that I would never give Apple a cent of my money. Truth is that I didn't spent a cent it was a birthday gift from my sister.

I always said if I needed to get a new mp3 player I was thinking of getting a HDZune but when I knew that the new one was going to have only 32g I changed my mind and the second best one was en iPod because of the wifi thing.

After days of playing with it I don't even know why we are still using phones. Yes I still don't get it. I mean you can reach people on their emails or via messenger or many other ways.

I thing that the only thing missing is the camara thing if the iPod had thay I would ebem bother to have a phone. With all the apps you dont need the damn phone thing. With that I could work.

Even when I do have this new toy I'll always love my Zune. In fact I prefer Zune as amusic device & use the iPod for the wifi & the organizing my life or agenda thing etc.

Well more posts to come from the iPod. I think I don't need a mobile phone contract besides no one calls me. I could spend that monthly payment on buying art supplies.

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  1. I agree with you!! Phones are not necessary anymore. I have even decided to keep my phone in silent mode and I reply to people's calls 2 days after. However I reply to text messages, e-mails, tweets and IMs almost immediately.

  2. jajajajaja! that's all I wanted to hear!


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