Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'll be back tomorrow.

I'm on my grandparents house. That means no internet. I took my iPod but head phones don't work. I took my cellphone but left the charger at home. I took my laptop but the plug cable broke up so no movies to watch and i can't charge my iPod either. Ahh there is just local TV here no cable.

I watched 40min of a movie cause I was also charging the iPod so the laptop died on me. To top things they just called me for work but I cant go till tomorrow because of this previous compromise I'm in. So yeah estoy sala!

I feel like on a rehab facility. Ha!
Well I get back to area metro tonight so I can fix all this 'minor' problems.
Until then. Good Morningband have a great day.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ouh My Gifts!

So yeah Christmas day just passed we all are now playing using or experimenting with our gifts. I have to be very honest I was shocked by my  Christmas gifts this year. Really shocked. Normally when you have your birthday near Christmas they give you just one gift that will cover all the celebrations of the season -Birthday, Christmas and Three Kings day-. My family went over the top.

My sister surprised me with an iPod -you will see it charging on the background- for my birthday. My dad/mom for Christmas got me an Wacom Intuos 4 and my sister got me Coraline DVD. I feel sad cause I couldnt or didnt got them anything. I can't afford to give them good expensive or well valuable things and I know they just don't care but I feel bad honestly.

I am working my way around to see if I can get them something for Three Kings days which is pretty soon -January  6-. I already have my sister cover but still need to get something for mom and dad. I really don't know what to get for mom she is kind of dificult in this aspect so perhaps a gift card will do... not sure. Dad I can get him anything from blue ray to computer stuff he is easier to deal with... Ha Ha!

We had a gathering the night before Noche Buena and some friends came over. We had arroz con gadules, pasteles, lechon, pavo and ensalada de papa. We still have many of the food around. It feels like Thanksgiving that you dont know what to with the turkey two days after well we are dealing with that now. It was quite cool to have people. It was an stressful week well weeks but it is all over now. Yey! Finally! Hope you all had a great Christmas day.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The iPod & I

So yeah I know have an iPod. Those that know me might be laughing since I always said that I would never give Apple a cent of my money. Truth is that I didn't spent a cent it was a birthday gift from my sister.

I always said if I needed to get a new mp3 player I was thinking of getting a HDZune but when I knew that the new one was going to have only 32g I changed my mind and the second best one was en iPod because of the wifi thing.

After days of playing with it I don't even know why we are still using phones. Yes I still don't get it. I mean you can reach people on their emails or via messenger or many other ways.

I thing that the only thing missing is the camara thing if the iPod had thay I would ebem bother to have a phone. With all the apps you dont need the damn phone thing. With that I could work.

Even when I do have this new toy I'll always love my Zune. In fact I prefer Zune as amusic device & use the iPod for the wifi & the organizing my life or agenda thing etc.

Well more posts to come from the iPod. I think I don't need a mobile phone contract besides no one calls me. I could spend that monthly payment on buying art supplies.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Winner of the 1st Blog Giveaway.

So yes we have a winner. The of this 1st Blog Giveaway is.... Jewels.of.India. Yes that is right. An Email have been sent to you now you have 24 hrs. Starting NOW to reply if you dont reply after 24 hrs. I will pick another winner as stated on the Rules of the Giveaway.

Please watch the video. It was recorded live a while ago.

Thanks to all the 16 people that participated on this Giveaway. If you didn't win don't worry I will have another one real soon. Just stay in tuned to The Blog by subscribing, following me on twitter or become a fan on facebook to stay updated.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Julie, Julia, cooking and blogging.

Today I saw some movies while I was working. Then when I got home I saw another movie my dad rented. The movie was Julie & Julia. I bet many of you have seen it. If you haven't that is cool too but you should see it anyways.

This movie was better than expected for me. I love the fact that Julie Powell was blogging about her personal project The Julie/Julia Project. I am so envious of Julie for the fact that her husband actually gave her the idea of opening a blog and get along with this project. She had a boring exhausting job but when she got home she had her kitchen.

I Like I have said many times keeping a blog is hard work. More this kind of blog but still she made it. I also liked the way she felt when writing and making the recipes trying not to lie on her post just write whatever happened cause she felt she would be not be truthful to her readers/fans.

I remember watching Julia Child and always believed she was a crazy woman nothing like I have seen before on the kitchen she always seem happy on her shows. I believe they were re-runs but I know I saw a few. She was like natural and did things the same way you do it on your kitchen. Nothing fancy just used what you had around. Always effective, always cool. I enjoyed it. I always said that lady is freaking tall but friendly. I believed she was British but she is from California... go figure she had a great accent nothing Californian.. [loved her strange accent] .

Anyways I liked the movie. Also they were both on their 30's so I guess I still can do things. I guess. There is hope for me some way. Now I gotta work on it. Ahhh.. I have to say this I loved Julia's kitchen it is a dream come true for anyone that enjoys cooking. So spacious.

PS: while looking up her info on the net on wikipedia it says there is another book from Julie Powell titled Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession... it is about or well it relates the story of an affair she had after the book about Julia was published and she goes traveling around the world learning the butchery skills... yeah she becomes a butcher. This book review goes from good to awfully bad so you might have to read it to really see what all this messy shit is about.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Book Project [pages 9-11]

This is the page 9-11 of my Book Project

More Info: I will make a drawing on every page until it is done. The project consist on using the same text for inspiration. Even when what you end up drawing isn't related to the subject/theme of the book. I will scan the text on the page and pick a phrase/sentence and from there I will try to illustrate it.


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