U2 Live on Youtube

Despite what people says and thinks U2 is one of the best bands ever. No, I am not a fan of the band or a fan of Bono. I could care less of what he does even when he does many good things. Some might say he is egocentric but he started all this artist involvement with causes and made it a trend among them.

Anyways... Last sunday the band had this amazing concert LIVE via Youtube available to every people on the planet for free. Now you can even share it and post it on your blog. The repeated the concert the whole night and day. It was transmitted directly from the Rose Bowl in California to the rest of the world. It started at 8pm California time so it was 12am of Monday in my house. I was sleepy but I watched the whole concert. It eended at 2am. I sang and loved the whole thing.

Again not a fan but I am grateful to U2 and Youtube for this initiative. I look forward [well everybody] to other artist copying this. In this days when traveling and buying concert tickets are like too expensive for some of us this is great. I could never ever attend a U2 concert. But i just did. Virtually yeah but I just did. Saw it live. Watch the whole video here. Enjoy!