Toolbar on The Blog

Hello! this is just a post to inform or explain some of the changes on the blog. If you are reading us via email or on a reader you might not have seen any of the changes at all but if you do visit our blog directly you might have noticed that from yesterday on the blog will have a toolbar on the bottom of the page.

[please click on image for full clear view]

This toolbar is powered by Why a toolbar? I think that the toolbar will be more effective in the way the blog looks. It wont have lots of things on the sidebar or on the bottom. Making the blog heavier to the eye and showing things that are not of everyone interest.

Below I just made an explination about the whole toolbar [from left to right] and what you can do with it while on the blog.

[please click on image for full clear view]

  • Switch search provider: this allows you to search inside to blog or on google

  • Search bar: well a regular search bar where you type the info you are ehhh searching.

  • Translate the blog on 20 different languages [including: Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Bengali.] I just added the more frequently used from my visitors.

  • Recent Posts: allows you to see the latest post.

  • Random Posts: allows you to view a random post from the blog.

  • Subscribe to blog RSS

  • Share: Share the blog on different social networks [facebook, twitter, delicious, stumbleupon, digg, myspace, friendfeed, techonorati and so on.]

  • Fan Page: This shows you my Fan Page on Facebook. From here you can see the latests activities/updates from me or my fans. Also you can join fanpage.

  • Community: This creates a community on facebook with me and the visitors. lets ay a group where you can comment with others visitors whatever you liked/didn't liked about the blog.

  • Twitter:  You can see who is post about the blog on twitter. You can also search or follow me on twitter from there. You can reply, retweet or search.

  • Notifications: here you can read my lastest notes to you the reader. sometime they show up automaticly but if they dont you can always check them here.

  • Minimize/Expand: If you dont like the toolbar you can click here and it will hide.

Well there you have it the complete guide to the new toolbar on the blog. Hope you find it very useful. Now you know.