Tim Burton at MoMA

Ouh! New York city of dreams. Why!? Why you have to have now an exhibition of Tim Burton at the Modern Museum of Art?

Yes. That is right the exhibit starts tomorrow and runs through April 26, 2010. the MoMA museum [which I haven't visit yet... sadly] will have this awesomely interesting exposition of Tim Burton works. I have to say that I might not be a hardcore Burton fan but I love his art, characters, movies and way of seen/expressing things. He is like the dark lord Midas that everything that he does or touches ends up been more valuable that even gold. But don't worry he knows what he is doing. Pretty talented he is.

I have written a few posts about him on my blog. I think I even have more posts about him than of Vincent Van Gogh [my favorite painter of all times] so you get the idea. He never ever stops to amaze me. Even when he haves his own characteristic trademarks in every thing he does you never get tired of it [well at least I don't] I am totally looking forward to Alice in Wonderland. 

I think that right now this is the only interesting thing that could make me go to NYC for a weekend. Besides I have family there I could go and see the expo. Ouh! The ideas I just got on my mind. Ouh! MY!... mind corrupted. I really wish I could go. It will be a surreal experience to watch the art, the paintings, dreses well everything from movies like Bettlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before X-Mas and so on. Would be an opportunity of a lifetime. Those fans admirer of Mr. Burton that are nearby that area, please do go. 

Anyways I wont torture myself anymore. Here are
some pics [from otto-otto.com] and the video of the MoMA exibition spot.