Pepe Villegas

Painter, photographer and architect among other things. Pepe Villegas [Pepe being short for Roberto Jose]  was born and raised in Puerto Rico currently living in New York. If you visit his website you can see his vast experience and exhibitions.

I found about him on youtube. He designed the mural for the first Heineken Art Crawl and Murals Art series 2009. The mural is located on the 149th Street & 3rd Avenue in the Bronx, NY. Here is the video of that mural. I was thrilled to find out about his website and he even haves twitter @PepeArte. I wished many of the local artist opened up to all this technology it would be easier to share their info with the world.

His paintings and the mural quickly reminded me of Picasso and Dali. Lots of movements and abstractions. Rough figures and textures of some of his artworks. Telling little stories on every paiting. Rich in color and emotions. His photographs are also quite intriguing. Presenting people nature and places he have travel to.