New Drawings

A few days ago I did this drawings. They were ment for something especific but since its been like a month or so and I still have any reply I think I can publish them besides I havent signed a thing. So here they are. I really liked the skulls and the owl drawing. My favorite one from all the group is the city one. It haves many things but the textures are so cool to make. Really enjoyed making this drawings.

I think I can do stuff with them so soon you will know and see. I know many people like my art and want them on tattoo if that is your case awesome I can do that for you. Remember that I have my style so try to make it one of the already made drawings. Wait yeah they look cool for tattoos. Ha! I can't believe I am saying this after all this years.

Anyways nevermind. I hope you like them. Remember comments are always welcome. As always done with sharpies.