Korean kid sings...

So lately I have developed some likeness for the Asian side of the world. They have great food and hot guys. HA! yeah. I also did some research and made a post called Guys from East Asia. Lovely guys.

I was looking for a song and this guy from video of a kid from Korea came up... funny.. totally funny. But on the side bar there was this other kid from Korea so I was wondering if they were the same. It turns out that for my own good I was wrong.

This kid from Korea is named Kim Jonghyun he is lead singer of the group SHINee. Their videos came poping up in all mys searches. Don't know why. But i looked up for the video then. Heard one but couldn't believe it was him so kept looking and well yes it is him singing for real.

They sing R&B. Who knew? Very good voice and like the rest of them they have lots of fans all over. He even made a cover of Alejandro Sanz song Si fuera ella. Let me tell you that I admire him just because of that. That is a real challenge that not everybody can pull out... and in another language. Dude amazing! Teary eyes and all he took from me.

Well you have to watch it. I am now looking for more info on this guys. The song of this video is called Incomplete a song by Sisqo. This guys doesnt seem to be incomplete at all. You go kid.