Getting the Christmas Spirit

I know some people love Christmas season but I am not one of the. I have my own reasons. Still that doesnt mean I dont like decorating.

Since now I can do whatever I wanna do as in choosing the colors, etc.Perhaps now that I am on the second floor alone I should get the Xmas fever and start decorating the house. The other day I went to party city and saw lots of things that I liked but didn't think I should spend money on decorating for Xmas if no one would see all the hard work after.

Then I just decided  that I wouldn't decorate this year cause I had no parties planned in my house but my mother told me she invited a few people over for Christmas day to have dinner in my house. Umm yeah. So that made me get in the "spirit" of decorating. I will try to be make it unique and more like me. Very different from what people are used to see.

I will make it a Black/White Xmas decoration with some blues, grays and wood tones. I always wanted a wreath but not a green one I wanted something different and I have seen a few on the internet. I came across this tutorial on The Red Thread and made it mine departing from her idea. I had some scrapbook paper left and a cardboard some glue and black lace. Which means that the cost of the whole project was NONE. I had everything in my house. Total win!

I cut the paper in strips to make a ribbon look on the wreath. After that you just keep gluing all the paper doing whatever you feel like doing. Just have fun. Mine took me 3 hrs to do just because I made lots of details but it was all worth it. I didn't even felt the clock moving. So yeah I had fun. If I get to do more XMas decorations I will keep posting them.


  1. That is really cool!!! I recently found you on twitter... you have a new fan! :)


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