Book Project

Book Project is my new project. I had this book for quite some time I have no idea were I got it. I think it was on Borders and they gave it to me when I bought some thing there... something like that.

I will make a drawing on every page until it is done. The project consist on using the same text for inspiration. Even when what you end up drawing isn't related to the subject/theme of the book. I will scan the text on the page and pick a phrase/sentence and from there I will try to illustrate it. I hope this helps me out on my drawing. Looking forward to finish this and see the final result. I already have 4 drawings but I will post one each day.

Perfect for soaking
Perfect for Soaking [page 1]


  1. wow!!!!!!! omg, you are SO talented! :)
    I wish I could do some sort of creative type thing like that!


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