Back to reality, Sigh!

Yes, Back to reality... sigh! But I have to admit I loved the cruise. It was so awesome that I am thinking of taking some vacation from planes and start using the boats more often. I love my family that lives in the states but hey I go there almost every year I think it is time to spend some money outside the family circle and do some traveling for my own enjoyment. Don;t get me wrong people I love you all but I need some time for me, myself and I.

Loved about the cruise well that is easy. I loved everything. There were two guys that I which I could take home with me. The guys that made my room be so awesome for the whole stay. Every time I got back to the ship my bed was perfectly made. They always had a smile they were awesomely nice. Gave them a good tip cause it was very well deserved. So I salute you Benedicto and Ronald [sad I couldn't say goodbye to Ronald cause he left for vacations before I left the ship] I am really looking forward to do this again SOON.

The food was spectacular. They even had shows between serving the dinner. They danced, sang and were really cool. When you see old people actually dancing to the song that says shorty got low low low you know that is a good thing and they are having fun. My sister got some videos of those shows I'll see if she shares with me one of them. They even had a waitress with stripper moves. Hilarious.

All the amenities were in fact great. Pools filled with beach salty water, glorious hot tubs, discos, Broadway/Las Vegas style shows they had everything. Ouh! The food was incredibly good. Great buffets, great menus at restaurants and food available 24/7 to the point that you have to learn to control yourself on the eating.

The islands we went to were gorgeous. I learned a lot from each and one of them. Little of history, culture, geography, volcanoes, beaches and so on. Lots of information and you can evaluate yourself what you have what you really need. What you have that didn't even think you had cause you just believe you deserved it and so on. A real reality check to appreciate what you have and enjoy it. Happiness isn't what you own it is what you can give back.

Anyways... here are some photos. Not all of them just a few so you get the main idea of what I did around St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua and St. Kitts. If you ever have the chance to take one of this trips Do it. It doesn't matter which company you will enjoy it anyways. Besides getting relaxed and pampered you can learn a lot of things. Skip Disney next year and take you kids with you. It will do them good.


  1. You look certainly much healthier, if you follow
    my drift than two years these pictures.

  2. Sounds great!

    I hope to go on a cruise one of these days!

    Loved the post. ;P


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