5th Anniversary of The Blog

So yeah its been a long way since I started blogging. According to the records 5 years ago today I opened this blog or at least made the first post.

I never ever imagine I would talk about so much bullshit in one same place. Don't get me wrong but you know what I mean. We start a blog and many don't manage to keep it for even 6 months cause many of us think that people wont care. See that is your first problem you are not having fun while you are doing your blog.

When I started this adventure I did it because I had the urge [back then] to write some stuff and keep it all in one place. I now go back and wonder what the was I thinking when I wrote that. Was I so stupid? No I wasn't [well maybe I was]. Anyways the important thing is that I can read what I was going through and now I can see what I have become [what that havent changed a lot LOL!].

After a few dilemas and many years this have evolved from a mear diary, journal to my art loving book. I have posted all my art adventrues. I went political a few times. Posted about history, music and many photographs some decent some not so decent [if you know what I mean] but hey all this made me grow as a human being. I had joy, suffering, meltdowns, rants, happy days, great experience but that is what blogging is all about.

I want to thank all my readers that have been here some silently others more expressive. Thanks. They come an go others stayed and went on this rollercoaster. I am looking forward to keep sharing my life experiences with you. So see you around and your comments are always welcome.

If you don't have a blog you should get one. Only if you are willing to have fun while doing it. Is not all about the readers. Yes they are important but a blog is mostly you and what makes you happy and you love/hate. Only then you can share great things for so many years.

PS: I will make a giveaway on the week of 6 december to 12 december 2009. So stay around to see what all this giveaway is about. It shall be fun and I want one of you my dear readers to get this anniversary/xmas gift for all your support. Again Thanks!