Website Facelift

Finally got a different look for my website. I went straight to use color but tried to keep it really simple. The name is form like a thread. Did everything on Photoshop. Not that complicated.

I am really happy with the result. I draw the name then took photos of it and uploaded it to PS. Later with some brushes and a little of imagination here are the result. All the text in cursive that you will see is my handwriting. It might not be that cool but I love it cause it makes it more personal.

Enjoyed the process of rebooting my site. Well hope you all enjoy and embrace the new more girly adult cute look that my site haves now. It even looks more serious I think. Anyways enjoy the pics. Watch it LIVE at To see previous designs of the site check here.


  1. looks great! should do the same revision to the blog too...

  2. Si eso va pronto por ahi... esta on hold pero el dia menos pensado lo cambio hehe... stay tuned. glad you liked it.


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