Friday, October 16, 2009

Living Room

Yes! Here are the pics of my "NEW" living room. This have been like a monthly project. I have been gathering things for a few months to get it like to look like this. Buying things from time to time whenever I saw something I liked and could afford. There are some minor details will change later.

I am working with the new window treatment. That is on the way. Also a new room divider that I will do whenever I can buy the materials and make it. When that is done I will take more pictures of the whole kitchen/dinning/living room update. Also looking to get an area rug. I feel it is too empty.

The living room is painted in white, grey smoke and poolside [both are Easy Living Ultra Satin] color. I got the paint at Sears so you can find it there. The coffee table I got it at Walmart for a good price. The for the portraits I used some scrapbooking paper I bought at Target when I was in US visiting. The wall canvas were painted by me. The black/white is from 2006 and the tree branches I made them up just for that wall.

Hope you enjoy this pics and stay tune for the next update.

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