Fire! Cataño is burning.

Since Friday morning the north of Puerto Rico have been on fire. This is because the gas refinery on the town of Cataño Caribbean Petroleum [CAPECO] explode at 12:30am. The explosions shock wave felt like a 2.8 earthquake so many buildings were damaged. It was felt in Bayamon, Carolina, San Juan, even in as far as Cidra and Santa Cruz island.

I knew about this at 4:30am of that day thanks to twitter. I woke up and saw that my stream was full of #explosionpr tags and wondered what the hell happen so the guys told me and i turned on the tv and this is what I found out.

photo from kikalove3

I was shocked and surprised about the whole thing. At least no onw died on the explosion. As usual people start making their conspiracy theories and there have been alot since this started from a plane that crashed to terrorism to political uprising or goverment act to fix their image and so on. People get very creatie with things like this. Anyways the news spread out quickly and it hit the internet. Even on far away countries lke Japan and Spain informed about this. The Coast Guard closed down the bay. The prisioners from near by jails were moved to another buildings. A total chaos that morning.

I got to see the dark cloud at 6 am when the sun came out cause I live far away from the explosion but since it was so big people could see the cloud of their house roofs. This is the view from my house at 7 am in the morning that friday. Took it with my cellphone.

On the gas refinery haves/had like 40 tanks. Of those 40 the last time I heard the news 15 of them already blew up. Some were full other were empty. The contmination of the skies have been a mayor issue and problem for many people and water systems like lakes and rivers around the area. The cloud is now full of acids, quimic compounds that are a threath for the health of the citizens.

It is still burning cause they can't turn off the fire. the FBI came here to investigate al this matter and possibles theories on what happen here. Many say that Caribbean Petroleum made all this happen because of the insurrance so they can get all the money. Other say it was sabotage so we have to wait to see what the investigation says.

The only good thing about this is that no one died. If you want to know more about this you can check out here. One thing is for sure this was a lesson for all the emergency authorities on how to deal with a situation like this. Like an earthquake or fire drill. Still I am sure that they are not prepared to deal with something like this even after this. People tend to forget too soon and take things for granted.

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