Far Away

Its been like a weeks since my last post. I know. Im sorry. Thing is that I've been busy trying to finish my decoration project. I managed to paint the whole living room, kitchen and dinning room. Still I have two walls undone cause I didn't have enough paint. That bothered me so now I have a wall on hold...

Also trying to get this table I saw at Walmart the other day. Loved it and it is cheap. So I just found my coffee table. Looking forward to go tomorrow or something to buy it. I took out my photo frames but didn't liked the way it looks so that is on hold too.

I am still think about doing a mural on the living room. Not sure yet if I should do a tree or what should i do there. not quite sure there. What I do know is that the divider project is about to start anytime soon on the weekend. I am buying the cardboard cake bases [12 inches] for .35 cents on the store and 19 feet of chains at .49 cents and that will be a total of 22$ to do my newly economic divider. It will look awesome. That I know for sure. Can't hardly wait.