Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fire! Cataño is burning.

Since Friday morning the north of Puerto Rico have been on fire. This is because the gas refinery on the town of Cataño Caribbean Petroleum [CAPECO] explode at 12:30am. The explosions shock wave felt like a 2.8 earthquake so many buildings were damaged. It was felt in Bayamon, Carolina, San Juan, even in as far as Cidra and Santa Cruz island.

I knew about this at 4:30am of that day thanks to twitter. I woke up and saw that my stream was full of #explosionpr tags and wondered what the hell happen so the guys told me and i turned on the tv and this is what I found out.

photo from kikalove3

I was shocked and surprised about the whole thing. At least no onw died on the explosion. As usual people start making their conspiracy theories and there have been alot since this started from a plane that crashed to terrorism to political uprising or goverment act to fix their image and so on. People get very creatie with things like this. Anyways the news spread out quickly and it hit the internet. Even on far away countries lke Japan and Spain informed about this. The Coast Guard closed down the bay. The prisioners from near by jails were moved to another buildings. A total chaos that morning.

I got to see the dark cloud at 6 am when the sun came out cause I live far away from the explosion but since it was so big people could see the cloud of their house roofs. This is the view from my house at 7 am in the morning that friday. Took it with my cellphone.

On the gas refinery haves/had like 40 tanks. Of those 40 the last time I heard the news 15 of them already blew up. Some were full other were empty. The contmination of the skies have been a mayor issue and problem for many people and water systems like lakes and rivers around the area. The cloud is now full of acids, quimic compounds that are a threath for the health of the citizens.

It is still burning cause they can't turn off the fire. the FBI came here to investigate al this matter and possibles theories on what happen here. Many say that Caribbean Petroleum made all this happen because of the insurrance so they can get all the money. Other say it was sabotage so we have to wait to see what the investigation says.

The only good thing about this is that no one died. If you want to know more about this you can check out here. One thing is for sure this was a lesson for all the emergency authorities on how to deal with a situation like this. Like an earthquake or fire drill. Still I am sure that they are not prepared to deal with something like this even after this. People tend to forget too soon and take things for granted.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Website Facelift

Finally got a different look for my website. I went straight to use color but tried to keep it really simple. The name is form like a thread. Did everything on Photoshop. Not that complicated.

I am really happy with the result. I draw the name then took photos of it and uploaded it to PS. Later with some brushes and a little of imagination here are the result. All the text in cursive that you will see is my handwriting. It might not be that cool but I love it cause it makes it more personal.

Enjoyed the process of rebooting my site. Well hope you all enjoy and embrace the new more girly adult cute look that my site haves now. It even looks more serious I think. Anyways enjoy the pics. Watch it LIVE at To see previous designs of the site check here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update: Living Room

So Yes! I have finally made it. Now you will see the divider I talked about here. I spent the yesterday morning painting this 42 12inches wide round cardboards to match the dinning room and the living room. I attached all the circles with chains loops [the one you buy for the fan roof].

I asked my dad to help me out making the holes on the roof to place the cup hooks so I could hang the "curtain/divider". I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself. I finally did what I wanted with "my" house. It looks so cool. To paint the circles I used regular paint interior, spray can in black and gray and also some of the scrapbook paper I've been using for the small projects around the house.

Well enough with the talking take a look and if you like it you can leave comments. Enjoy the pictures.



Friday, October 16, 2009

Living Room

Yes! Here are the pics of my "NEW" living room. This have been like a monthly project. I have been gathering things for a few months to get it like to look like this. Buying things from time to time whenever I saw something I liked and could afford. There are some minor details will change later.

I am working with the new window treatment. That is on the way. Also a new room divider that I will do whenever I can buy the materials and make it. When that is done I will take more pictures of the whole kitchen/dinning/living room update. Also looking to get an area rug. I feel it is too empty.

The living room is painted in white, grey smoke and poolside [both are Easy Living Ultra Satin] color. I got the paint at Sears so you can find it there. The coffee table I got it at Walmart for a good price. The for the portraits I used some scrapbooking paper I bought at Target when I was in US visiting. The wall canvas were painted by me. The black/white is from 2006 and the tree branches I made them up just for that wall.

Hope you enjoy this pics and stay tune for the next update.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

El paro.

Manhana es el gran paro nacional. Wow! Un paro nacional. Deberia estar emocionada sobre esto. Incluso creo que deberia unirme. Pues la verdad es que me importa un bledo lo del paro nacional. Porque? Porque realmente no va a solucionar nada. Como asi que poca fe tengo en la gente. Por supuesto que si.

Quiero aclarar que no estoy totalmente de acuerdo con las sansiones. Entiendo que debieron botar a las personas problematicas y a todos los que entraron a trabajar en anhos de elecciones ya que es ilegar abrir plazas cuando se esta en anho de elecciones. Pero como aqui la gente se olvida de que los favores politicos se pagan asi dandole trabajo a todo el que le dio el voto no por merito pues estamos en lo que estamos. Porque no estoy a favor del paro. Porque desde que dicen paro hay un llamado a la violencia increible. No ha llegado el dia y ya la gente estan activao y queriendo pegarle fuego a las cosas y llevarse por el medio a todo el mundo. Se quejan de la insesibilidad del gobierno pero la realidad es que no son sensibles a nada de lo que pasa en el pais.

Ahora volviendo al tema de los 30,000 despidos. Ya era hora. En las oficinas de gobierno de 10 empleados 4 tienen que hacer el trabajo de esos otros 6. Como mencione en otro post ambos de mis padres fueron empleados de gobierno asi que se de que estoy hablando porque mis padres eran de los 4 que tienen que hacer el trabajo del resto. En el gobierno le dejan pasar muchas cosas a los empleados y con el Ay Bendito tienen un monton de vagos ahi. Los empleados se creen que son vitalicios en sus plazas. Pues ahora si no planificastes te jodistes. Asi de simple.

La gente aqui se cree que Puerto Rico esta exente de todo lo que esta pasando a nivel mundial que como se creen los mas cojonudos y sobre potentes no le va a pasar nada. Ahora estan desesperao porque se han gastado todo el dinero y no tienen dinero. Les dicen desde freaking verano casi que van a votar gente y que hacen ahh eso no va a pasar. Recostaos de que eso no pueden hacerlo. Breaking News you are fired dude. Llora grita vete al paro pero sigues votao. Que vas a hacer irte a comprar cervezas y asistir al "paro" porque fue una atrocidad lo que hicieron contigo o vas a buscar trabajo.. nah buscar trabajo no me voy pal paro a protestar y janguear con el resto de los desempleados que todavia cobran y trabajan hasta el 6 de noviembre.

Otra cosa por la que no apoyo el paro es el pon que la gente coje en estas actividades. De repente los partidos que perdieron hacen campanha para las proximas elecciones. Dicen que ellos NO permitirian que eso pasara. No claro que no porque ellos cojen cierran el pais y despues cojen mas gente pa joder el poco presupuesto que queda para despues que el que venga atras resuelva. Mira dejece de tanta mierda compadre. Perdio largace pal carajo. Si se queda de alterntivas.

Otros aprovechaos son las uniones. Ahora van a demandar y pedir por el empleado. Porque no se bajan las penciones y con eso emplean dos o tres personas... NO jamas yo sude pa esta pensio... BS! mamon! Este paro no es culpa del gobierno, es culpa de la misma gente y su fucking conformidad esperando que el gobierno sea quien le resuelva every freaking issue de sus vidas.

El gobierno no esta pa darte todo esta pa ayudarte cuando ya tu no puedes. Lo que significa que no puedes depender del gobierno para vivir. Se que la gente leerla esto y dira mil mierdas pero la verdad es que llevo desde la semana pasa escuchando la sangana esta del Paro nacional y de que sera una revolucion y que el pueblo se de a respetar. Aqui no se respeta nadie. Aqui todo el mundo hace lo que le da la gana.

Aun recuerdo cuando lo de Vieques tanta mierda grito y llorique mas los arrestos por la paz para que cuando llegara el dia de la salida de la marina le pagaran fuego a la caseta del guardia y unos vehiculos que habian en el area q pertenecian a la marina... wow que fucking pasificos. que rebeldes que canto de revolucion.

Que espero de manhana? ver mucho borrachon al estilo de las fiestas de la calle san sebastian. Mucho pariseo en las lineas de piquete. Mucha sangre en los cocotes de dos o tres gritones mamones que se creen que se pueden comer a la fuerza de choque porque por el mero hecho de creer que porque la policia esta ahi es que esta amenazando. Ya hasta los ridiculos Fonalledas cerraron el centro comercial mas grande de Puerto Rico el "centro" del universo de los comemierdas y ya los del paro se cantan un logro una victoria porque por ellos otros 5,000 empleados y los negocios perdieron el dia de manhana en ganancias. You go Puerto Rico si yo me jodo que se joda el otro tambien. Eso es brillante.

Las universiades tambien se unen al paro. Aun cuando ya actualmente estan terminand el semestre academico en diciembre ahora como querian paro le dieron la semana libre pa que se chupen esa. Y pa colmo se quejan de que es una amenaza... o sea que carajos quieren... ahh y no.. no hacen paro viernes.. ni pal carajo porque despues no pueden ir a janguear con los panas. Pero eso los hace sentir que estan en medio de una fatula revolucion. Puerto Rico esta prostituyendo esa palabra usando sus necesidades vanas para crear una revolucion. Estoy loca que llegue manhana pa que vean el reguero que han formado y no van a resolver NADA.

Veran las neveritas llenas de cerveza, cantando como en verbena y llorando sin saber porque. En vez de largarse a trabajar los dias que les queda lo van a perder protestando. Y quisiera ver/saber cuantos han aplicado o enviado resumes para conseguir nuevos empleos. A y esa es otra tiene que ser en oficina con aire acondicionado porque si no sudo y ganar mucho pa hacerme las unhas y comprarme un par de zapatos cada semana o comprarle aros nuevos al carro y ponerle unos tintes bien dark y enviarlo a que lo retoquen.
Es tiempo de ahorrar no de malgastar. Ahi es que esta todo. Aqui gastan gastan pero no se ahorra na. Ajustence los pantalone y las pantaletas y vera que todo va a correr mejor. El inmigrante viene a Puerto Rico y consigue trabajo se compran terrenos, locales, casas y mil cien cosas y hechan para adelante y el puertorro como que nada que ver. Espero que el gobierno me ayude a hacer to. Ya vendran mas paros y protestas y todas acabaran en los mismo PURA MIERDA!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Prize given too soon.

News flash: Obama wins Peace Nobel Prize this year.

What does this means? Well that he won a prize for all his efforts in favor of peace. As simple as that. Still I think it is too soon. Why? It is just too soon. I do admire all his efforts and speeches don't get me wrong. He have done many things that people would never think it would be possible I mean he is black and is the President of US I think that is just amazing. Then again the fact that he brings hope and faith in all his speeches for me doesn't make it for him to win this prize.

I might not know the whole deal or requirements to be nominated etc but it is too soon. US keeps sending people to the war just to work the peace arguments still after a year you don't see any changes in favor of that so called peace.

Nobel Committee head Thorbjoern Jagland said: "It was because we would like to support what he is trying to achieve".[Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize- BBC]

Again don't get me wrong. I am happy for the guy. Still i think it is too soon to give him that title. I just hope it doesn't fire back on them. You never know. All this peace talking makes me nervous. Seen whats going on around the globe as in natural disasters and people behavior this peace talk doesn't match at all.

It's good to have all this peace talk but I don't see anything yet. Other presidents have also work with nuclear issues. Other have invaded other countries using peace as an excuse but at the end nothing was done they only made things worst with wars. Still you see that US looks for peace in other places but I think that he should start at home. After you have peace home you can go search for peace on the rest of the world.

US should get prepared cause I have a feeling that they will get hit big time and they wont see it coming. Always believed that US is too cocky and that is why they get hit that often in one way or the other. Just because you like to "help" out other countries or "defend" other countries doesn't mean you can be that laid back like you are. It took the world trace center, Katrina and the economic situation for US to see things the way they really are. Yes US haves powerful shield but deep inside it is pretty weak.

US don't get too cocky. Keep it simple and humble and get your ass prepared for whats to come. Hate me but this is just the beginning of the end.
For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman.
1 Thessalonians 5:3
And yes you can take that quote and say whatever you wanna say. This are my two well more than two cents.

Far Away

Its been like a weeks since my last post. I know. Im sorry. Thing is that I've been busy trying to finish my decoration project. I managed to paint the whole living room, kitchen and dinning room. Still I have two walls undone cause I didn't have enough paint. That bothered me so now I have a wall on hold...

Also trying to get this table I saw at Walmart the other day. Loved it and it is cheap. So I just found my coffee table. Looking forward to go tomorrow or something to buy it. I took out my photo frames but didn't liked the way it looks so that is on hold too.

I am still think about doing a mural on the living room. Not sure yet if I should do a tree or what should i do there. not quite sure there. What I do know is that the divider project is about to start anytime soon on the weekend. I am buying the cardboard cake bases [12 inches] for .35 cents on the store and 19 feet of chains at .49 cents and that will be a total of 22$ to do my newly economic divider. It will look awesome. That I know for sure. Can't hardly wait.


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