My Bed. My Shrine.

It seems like I got a new bed. But no, I didn't. I just save hundreds of dollars thanks to contact paper. Not Geico... hahha.. ok not funny. Anyways I did save hundreds of dollars. I just spent less than $6 dollars on 2 rolls of contact paper with wood design.

I just covered up my old but still greatly functional bed. People like to renovated their rooms cause they are their temple their shrine. That is what I think of my room. But mine have also become a workspace, craft room and bed room. I love my bed it haves a greatly sentimental value too.

This bed was build/made by my father like 15 years ago and it still works perfectly. He did it just the way I wanted it. He even let me decide the colors, the style, the height and well everything. So why would I get rid of something custom made that still works and was "free". Besides not many people can say they still have the bed their dads made for them. Makes me feel special and loved.

I remembered he got home from work to work on our beds -yes he also made my sisters bed-. I helped him sometimes to glue the formica on the wood. help him sand the wood then do some random stuff around the area. It was kind of our family quality time. He loved working with wood and making things. Now he stopped doing all that cause his legs cant stand all that time standing up. He haves this bad circulation problem so all that is now ancient history or better yet great memories.

Anyways here is the bed before and after. I love it... don't know/care if you will like it. Sorry for the harshness but I really love my bed. It is kind of personal you see. Enjoy!


  1. I like it. Your artsy bed. By di guay
    I just returned from Central High School on Ponce de Leon
    Avenue. There is an installation that sucks tremendously. It is supposed to be some environmental
    ..I do not know. Really at any rate.. They have also placed used tires as in a gas station, or
    tire shop on the sidewalk, with some ribbons in the hole in bus stops along Ponce de Leon Ave.. Perhaps Puerto Rico will set
    trends in the WORLD to recycle tires a la Museo
    Metropolitano de Arte! Believe it or not.
    For updates in the future drop by endemismo to see the pictures.
    Art for art sake, pathetic!


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