Jury Duty...

As a civilian there are things we have to do... like it or not. One of those things is jury duty.

Last month I got this letter from the court that I had to go to serve as jury. I was like ok but not that happy. You see that can be complicated depending on how the trial goes etc. Well after you watch so many movies about trials and all this related things you get a little bit worried or well actually more I dont know you just dont feel right. You have to give lots of information and shit to them. I mean they already know were you live... what else can they ask.

Anyways I attended my appointment at Centro Judicial de Carolina. There were people that went there they the day before and were selected so that day was their interview with the "fiscal" and the judge to see if they were able to be part of the 12 angry men. Ha! Then I just panicked.. I've to what talk to a judge and a "fiscal" ouh no that was just a No.. no.. for me. Still I cant leave if I did I would have a $500 fee and a "desacato order" and I want to keep my record clean.

So we got to the room and it was full. Like 100 people there some like I said before went there the day before so it was the new ones and the others. After a while they divided the groups and sent the new ones to another court room it was 204 I think. Anyways what made this experience cool was the people they had there. Most of them were old, retired people. Others worked but asked for the day off to attend the meeting. The old people were complaining so much they all wanted a meal. Yes they offer you a meal at 3pm cause you might be there longer so they don't want anyone fainting or something. Meh!

Then all of the sudden we have been kidnapped. The marshal closed the door with key and then the olders started saying they were claustrophobic, that what if the building burned down that if something happen who they would get out... seriously they were something else. They gave us some papers to fill in for the possible interview with "fiscal" and judge. I dont know what our trial was going to be. I think no one asked. Thing is we kept talking and listening to the people there. Total strangers having a blast talking about politic, their jobs, their studies, sons, daughters, etc.

Without knowing it was already 2:40pm and suddenly one of the assistants comes inside the court room and tells us that we are free to go. Umm what? yeah you can leave cause they guy on the trial "acusado" asked for a "juicio por derecho". Umm what is that? I still don't know. One of the old ladies asked for the "merienda" and the assistants said we could wait for it. But guess what after all they bother the assistant with the "merienda" NONE of them stayed he lady asking for the "merienda "said "Me voy pa casa a hacer un sancocho". That lady had us cracking up. People kind of forgot they were in a court room. Then all waited for our release sheet and left. Hoping that we didn't had to go there again.

Would I go again? Umm yes you can count on it. It was actually quite fun. Some of the people there have been thru this jury duty before and it seemed fun. Well at least way different. You can learn so many things about people when they put lots of strangers in one room. Characters come out, ideas come out... and the imagination they have for sure rolls and fills the room you just have to convince a little portion of the room and you are done. Looking forward that in +5 years they call me again to serve on jury duty again.