Clipboards are back on the game.

That is right. Since last time the clipboards game went much better than expected with Take Note and the other threes I did this time I will make 10 new clipboards. All different and unique. This is a cool project for me cause I don't know I always believe clipboards had some cool use besides holding papers. You see all that empty space and you just want to wright or doodle over them. Right? It happens to me all the time I don't about you but it does happen to me.

So with no further fuzz speeches and useless words I present you the first two clipboards of the clipboards back in the game series. Note that it doesn't have anything to do with games. I just like the name. And no there is no theme either. Just random ideas drawn on clipboards people thats about it. Hope you enjoy then and if you are interested in getting one just leave a comment here or on my twitter. Enjoy!

IMG_9800 IMG_9790