Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Desempleos, personas y realidades.

Ahhh... la politiqueria. Normalmente en mi blog no hablo de esto porque ya hay demasiados blogs sobre politica. Algo que es bueno y malo. Muchos solo se quejan pero nadie aporta ideas creativas y realmente funcionales para resolver la situacion.

Mientras unos acusan al gobierno actual [que si ha sido negligente en muchas cosas y como se ha lidiado con las mismas] entiendo que no es el total culpable de esta situacion. Ambos de mis padres fueron empleados de gobierno. Ellos eran de los responsables que si trabajaban. No de los que llegan y solo se levantan a tomar el break y no hacen mas nada y cuando hacen algo es mejor que se queden sentados porque no saben lo que hacen, etc.

Creo que hay que entender que estos gobernadores han hecho y desecho con los empleos. Es facil comenzar campanha diciendo que ofreceras miles de empleos pero no sobrecarges el sistema. Entiendo que debe haber un balance si vas a ingresar gente debes extraer gente. Asi no pasa lo que esta pasando. Alguien se ha pregunta cual fue la cantidad de empleos creados en estos ultimos 8 anhos. Posiblemente la misma cantidad de gente que ya despidieron. Lo triste es que NO fueron todos los que ingresaron.

En mi opinion esto de trabajar 40 anhos para el gobierno es un fracaso. Tu sabes que es tener gente ineficiente en el trabajo por 40 anhos pagandole y despues cogiendo mas empleados para que hagan el trabajo de estos. O sea estas pagando dos sueldos por el trabajo de uno. Espero que en las agencias se dejen del Ay Bendito y hagan lo propio si el empleado no trabaja botenlo. Traigan gente nueva. Asi los estudiantes que se estan graduando tendran trabajo. El desempleo bajara y las cosas se arreglaran.

Otra situacion es que estas decisiones es algo global. A nivel mundial estab botando gente en masas. Muchas empresas estan en quiebra. Muchos paises y estados estan en quiebras. Y entonces Puerto Rico es el unico pais que no esta afectado. Aja! Si, Claro!. Gente dejen de llorar tanto. Posiblemente como no es mi situacion me puedo expresar asi. Pero de verdad la gente tiene que ajustarse las cosas NO estan como antes pero nosotros creemos que si.

Si eres un empleado bueno sigue siendo asi. Si ya estas por retirarte mira retirate no te quedes mas de lo necesario indirectamente eres parte del problema y culpable de los despidos te guste o no. Ahh tambien eres culpable del desempleo. En las oficina de desempleo es preciso ver como estan los trabajos pegados en los bulletin boards pero como no son con aire acondicionado y no me dan break para janguear o no me pagan lo que me da desempleo pues a nadie le interesa. Que el gobierno me siga dando.

No estoy en contra de que tengas desempleo. Yo use el desempleo por el anho en que me toco usarlo. Cuando llego el momento de anularlo se acabo. No me quede dependiendo de el ni tampoco fui a prenharme para que el gobierno me mantenga. Gente la realidad es que hay trabajo pero nadie quiere trabajar. Todos quieren tener una oficinita y estar ahi todo el dia. News Flash para ti esto NO va a cambiar asi que o se arreglan y hacen ajustes o los despidos seguiran.

Dejen de pensar en sus egos y como la gente me ve. Acepten la realidad y ajustence a lo que viene porque creanme esto no va a mejorar. Las ayudas ya mismo comenzaran a escacear por el abuso y todo ira desapareciendo poco a poco. Otro dia posteo mi plan de retiro. Creo que seria interesante. YO no se nada de esto pero a mi me suena logico no se. Hablamos despues.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Bed. My Shrine.

It seems like I got a new bed. But no, I didn't. I just save hundreds of dollars thanks to contact paper. Not Geico... hahha.. ok not funny. Anyways I did save hundreds of dollars. I just spent less than $6 dollars on 2 rolls of contact paper with wood design.

I just covered up my old but still greatly functional bed. People like to renovated their rooms cause they are their temple their shrine. That is what I think of my room. But mine have also become a workspace, craft room and bed room. I love my bed it haves a greatly sentimental value too.

This bed was build/made by my father like 15 years ago and it still works perfectly. He did it just the way I wanted it. He even let me decide the colors, the style, the height and well everything. So why would I get rid of something custom made that still works and was "free". Besides not many people can say they still have the bed their dads made for them. Makes me feel special and loved.

I remembered he got home from work to work on our beds -yes he also made my sisters bed-. I helped him sometimes to glue the formica on the wood. help him sand the wood then do some random stuff around the area. It was kind of our family quality time. He loved working with wood and making things. Now he stopped doing all that cause his legs cant stand all that time standing up. He haves this bad circulation problem so all that is now ancient history or better yet great memories.

Anyways here is the bed before and after. I love it... don't know/care if you will like it. Sorry for the harshness but I really love my bed. It is kind of personal you see. Enjoy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

White Shoes.

So this was a new project. Kind of colorful. A friend of my wore the extreme bright orange and that helped me with this style. I had this bright colors but didn't know how to use them until now. You can see the videos of the process here and here. Hope you guys like it.

If you are interested in this shoes they are available at The Shop.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Polkadots renovated

Converse are classic sneakers. But when you have a polka dots converse that is another story. This was my problem. I bought them last year on Target. Never ever got to wear them. cause later I realize that I couldn't pull them out as a fashion item for myself. So what to do with a pair of sneaker that you have never wore. I customized them.

I wanted to keep the red/white colors but I went a little bit further. I wanted to make a pattern that somehow resembled a wallpaper or fabrics. I think it came out better than expected. So no more talking and enjoy the final result. By the way if some one gets interested on owning them they are size 7 1/2 women and go for $50 they are brand new and customized.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jury Duty...

As a civilian there are things we have to do... like it or not. One of those things is jury duty.

Last month I got this letter from the court that I had to go to serve as jury. I was like ok but not that happy. You see that can be complicated depending on how the trial goes etc. Well after you watch so many movies about trials and all this related things you get a little bit worried or well actually more I dont know you just dont feel right. You have to give lots of information and shit to them. I mean they already know were you live... what else can they ask.

Anyways I attended my appointment at Centro Judicial de Carolina. There were people that went there they the day before and were selected so that day was their interview with the "fiscal" and the judge to see if they were able to be part of the 12 angry men. Ha! Then I just panicked.. I've to what talk to a judge and a "fiscal" ouh no that was just a No.. no.. for me. Still I cant leave if I did I would have a $500 fee and a "desacato order" and I want to keep my record clean.

So we got to the room and it was full. Like 100 people there some like I said before went there the day before so it was the new ones and the others. After a while they divided the groups and sent the new ones to another court room it was 204 I think. Anyways what made this experience cool was the people they had there. Most of them were old, retired people. Others worked but asked for the day off to attend the meeting. The old people were complaining so much they all wanted a meal. Yes they offer you a meal at 3pm cause you might be there longer so they don't want anyone fainting or something. Meh!

Then all of the sudden we have been kidnapped. The marshal closed the door with key and then the olders started saying they were claustrophobic, that what if the building burned down that if something happen who they would get out... seriously they were something else. They gave us some papers to fill in for the possible interview with "fiscal" and judge. I dont know what our trial was going to be. I think no one asked. Thing is we kept talking and listening to the people there. Total strangers having a blast talking about politic, their jobs, their studies, sons, daughters, etc.

Without knowing it was already 2:40pm and suddenly one of the assistants comes inside the court room and tells us that we are free to go. Umm what? yeah you can leave cause they guy on the trial "acusado" asked for a "juicio por derecho". Umm what is that? I still don't know. One of the old ladies asked for the "merienda" and the assistants said we could wait for it. But guess what after all they bother the assistant with the "merienda" NONE of them stayed he lady asking for the "merienda "said "Me voy pa casa a hacer un sancocho". That lady had us cracking up. People kind of forgot they were in a court room. Then all waited for our release sheet and left. Hoping that we didn't had to go there again.

Would I go again? Umm yes you can count on it. It was actually quite fun. Some of the people there have been thru this jury duty before and it seemed fun. Well at least way different. You can learn so many things about people when they put lots of strangers in one room. Characters come out, ideas come out... and the imagination they have for sure rolls and fills the room you just have to convince a little portion of the room and you are done. Looking forward that in +5 years they call me again to serve on jury duty again.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It is done!

This is it. Nop not talking about Mr. MJ. I am talking about my room. It is finally done. I am so freaking happy about it. About time I changed everything and went bold with the details of the room.

I now have my working station and my sleeping station the way they should be. No more using laptop on the bed. No more sewing on the bed. I now have a desk to do all that. Finally!

Well here are the post related to this "make over" and after that you will see the before and after plus some random photos of the details of the wall decor.
room copy

bleuroom copy

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update: The Desk

Yeah! Another update on the Room View but this time is only on the desk that I got the other day. It came out pretty well way better than expected.
I painted the desk all black but the paint came out... don't know why. Anyways I had a plan B in case the paint didn't work. I use a damask print gift wrap that I had -the same I used for the door-. That work perfectly. I also used some scrap paper to coordinate it wit the gift wrap on some parts of the desk. I also use black contact paper for the keyboard part and for the CPU unit area. Since I have a laptop I am using that part for storage.
It took a while but then again it was all worth it. Here are some pictures of the before and after. Hope you like it. Ouh! In case you are wondering... I got the giftwrap at Kmart here on PR, the scrapbook paper [polka dots] I got it at Michaels in Florida. To stick everything together I used 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive which is totally awesome.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Paw Print Pattern?

Note to self: Do not leave the paint tray un-attended NEVER EVER... when you have pets. Little Miss Muffin... Sondag my kitty just made me remember this last night.

I painted the wall then let the paint to dry on the tray that way when it gets all dried i can remove it easily and dont wast a water taking it off. I left the tray on the bed I'm sleeping in and totally forgot that Sondag was walking around the house. Then when I was getting ready to sleep I pick up the tray from the bed and saw her paw print inside the tray I look further and I see this blue trail all over the fitted on the bed.

I got a little angry but I can't blame her it was totally my fault to leave the tray there so this mistake was on my fault not hers. She also walked around another matress I have on that room it haves all her pawprints all over. Gotta Love her. I bet she still haves her paw all painted she didn't let me remove the paint. I guess she just wanted to help me out.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Update: Room View

Update: Room View
So as I posted before I am re painting and remodeling my room. I already got the desk. Yesterday I got the paint so I you will now see how far I am into the project. I still have to finish painting the walls, cover the desk and decorate the walls. I am doing all this after I get home from work. I am tired but so happy that the colors came out well and that the desk was cheap [only $60] yeah!.

Well here are some pics off this past few days on the project. I couldnt work on the weekend cause it rained a lot. But I manage to do some stuff while on hold.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Go! Guavate, go!

Today is labor day and I didn't went to work. Yey! Instead I went with my family to Guavate to eat some lechon. Guavate is in the municipality of Cayey. Guavate is lechon city for us. If you want to have some good lechon with great seasoning and local food you HAVE to go to this place once in your life. You see there is a street full of restaurants/take outs devoted only to sell lechon and typical food like arroz con gandules, pasteles, viandas, cuajito and such. You can always find other good eats there just ask away to the people that serve you wants on the menu.

Here are some photos of the places we went around. Great food. Great prices lots of family fun. You can also visit the stores around were you can get/buy souvenirs, pina coladas and even food to prepare later on your home. Well enjoy the pics.


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Room View

Got out of work today an hour sooner so I got home and started painting my room. I am doing changes whenever I have time so this have been going for quite some time. Started with the door. Then the closet and now it is time for the walls.

I just finished painting one of the three doors I have to paint. Tomorrow I will get up finish the second one then go and pick up my new desk. Then buy the other color that I am missing which is a robbin blue. I just can't wait to finish the whole room. Really excited to end all this and feel like I am in a new room. Its been quite some time since I do a mayor decoration thing on it so really looking forward to this new look.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

3 of 10 Clipboard serie

This is the no. 3 of 10 series of clipboards I am doing. This one haves a huge koi fish on it with some waves surrounding it. I didn't have in mind to paint it on the original concept but I asked away and people seems to like it with color. Anyways I have pics of the before and after so it is all good. No worries on this matter.

Hope you enjoy then and if you are interested in getting one just leave a comment here or on my twitter. Enjoy!

IMG_9805 IMG_9818

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Clipboards are back on the game.

That is right. Since last time the clipboards game went much better than expected with Take Note and the other threes I did this time I will make 10 new clipboards. All different and unique. This is a cool project for me cause I don't know I always believe clipboards had some cool use besides holding papers. You see all that empty space and you just want to wright or doodle over them. Right? It happens to me all the time I don't about you but it does happen to me.

So with no further fuzz speeches and useless words I present you the first two clipboards of the clipboards back in the game series. Note that it doesn't have anything to do with games. I just like the name. And no there is no theme either. Just random ideas drawn on clipboards people thats about it. Hope you enjoy then and if you are interested in getting one just leave a comment here or on my twitter. Enjoy!

IMG_9800 IMG_9790

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

5to Giratorio de Ekspresion

La organización sin fines de lucro Giratoriodekspresion y el Giratoriogroup son dos iniciativas de autogestión que buscan crear espacios para el arte en Puerto Rico. Nos concentramos en apoyar las propuestas musicales independientes de vanguardia, los trabajos experimentales y varias disciplinas del arte. Desde el 2002 estamos realizando un festival llamado Festival de Arte y Musica Experimental mejor conocido como el Giratorio.

Este año tendremos la 5ta edición del festival, el sabado 17 de octubre en la Sala de las Artes de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. Esta edición del festival se caracterizará por presentar a un gran numero de propuestas musicales de vanguardia y grupos de rock independiente. Por este medio estamos buscando auspicios para costiar gastos basicos de produccion del evento como sonido, luces y dieta para los participantes. Tambien podemos realizar algun tipo de intercambio publiscitario.

A continuación encontrarán una lista de las propuestas, grupos, colectivos y bandas que dirán presente en esta edición del festival.
Los siguientes enlaces son una referencia de nuestro trabajo como organizacion y de los pasados festivales y actividades en las que hemos colaborado.
El 10 de septiembre se estrena el nuevo website www.gdek.org
Pueden comunicarse con Andres Lugo al siguiente num. 787 644 6991 o escribir a giratoriodekspresion@gmail.com


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