Weather, bowl, twister and such.

As always I don't get or understand the weather here on Florida. Good thing is I learned how a tornado is formed. It was damn sunny then it starts raining like if a hurricane was passing by. Scary stuff!

Went to Edison Mall got a cool Jack Skellington bag. Had some Mocha Frappucino and othe random things. Way different shopping experience with my sister. I like to go shopping with her. We had fun.

Also went to Olive Garden . I ate the Chianti something... It had portabella mushroom rissoto that was amazing. Loved it. Hope I get to go again before living. We went with all the family. A group of 25 still there were others that couldn't be there cause they were returning back to their homes. Actually most of them return by the end of the week.

After that we went bowling with the guys said goodbye to the ones that we wont be able to see for some time then head home. When we got there my aunt showed us the video of her husband BDay and after that we watched a dvd of Sandro andd Raphael... Yeah mom and titi went back to their youth days.