Heavy stuff & such

Yesterday was a rather interesting day. I think that vacations are for relaxing. Enjoy the time go to parks, beach, museums and such. I mean that is what normal people do.

My family for some strange reason loves to spend their vacations shopping. I hate it. Just because it is on sale doesn't mean you have to buy it. They have like two closets each but that isnt enough. They need more shoes or clothing. Makes me really angry.

My sister arrived today. Didn't went to pick her up at the airport, trying to avoid issues, but she is fine. Right now as I type they are in Target. I just wish we spent less time on the malls. I am not like them They are not interested on my subjects of admiration whatsoever.

Well I think that i all for now. Looking forward to the Krispy Kreme donuts my sister shall bring to me from the aiport. Yey!! Tomorrow is the wedding lets see how that goes. I hope that it will be like this roller coaster of feelings. I bet it will be charged with heavy stuff & such. You know heavy emotions... Again.


  1. I know whatcha mean about the shopping on vacation. I can't even spend too much time souvenier shopping. Tito wanted to be in almost every souvenier shope while in Cananda. Ugh? So booring! LOL! And why is it our family loves to do that on vacation? Weird!

  2. i can do few days of shopping but every single day... no thank you!


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