Family, food, pool & such.

What have been up to this past few days. Spent some time with family. We went to Golden Corral on the way of taking my sister to the airport on tuesday.

The rest of the days were kind of pretty random. Visited a pool with family on thursday. Yesterday we went to see my little cousins & their mom. Loved her new home. Kids are happy and I loved spending time with them. Funny kids.

Walmart haves supermarkets so now no one is safe. But the prices are actually good & is open 24hrs. That is a plus for me. You never know when you might need to buy something.

Well I guess I'll have to wait to see what happens on the days left. I think I'll have to cancel my plans for the weekend thanks to the lack of communication/interest of some parts but well... Nevermind. I knew it would happend at the end.

I hope we don't have more drama. It is enough already. Looking forward to todays BBQ to keep enjoying of family, food, pool & such.