Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Day 2009

Blog Day 2009

Happy Blog Day. Felicidades a los Blogeros en el dia del blog. Se supone que uno recomiende 5 blogs a la blogesfera pero la realidad es que no estoy siguiendo ninguno hoy en dia. Veo mucho en mi google reader feed pero no estoy siguiendo a nadie en especifico. Si quieren saber los blogs que me interesan y recomiendo pueden ir a is Shared Items y veran que es lo que me interesa seguir.

Desearia que en Puerto Rico la gente que hace blogs los mantuviera activos. Se que no es facil mantener un blog todos los dias por los compromisos ya existentes. Que hasta en algunas ocaciones hasta cansa y no sabes de que escribir. Incluso tienes un tema establecido pero quieres cambiarlo y tantas otras cosas. Pero entiendo que es muy importante comprometerse con esto y hacer que funcione ya sea como medio de escape, puro aburrimiento, terapia o lo que sea.

Quiero aclarar que twitter aunque es mas rapido y muchos dicen/creen que podria sobrepasar los blogs pues la verdad es que creo que no. Cada cosa tiene su uso todo esta en saber utilizarlos. En mi caso jamas dejaria de bloggear porque estoy usando twitter. El blog es mas completo, puedo obviamente escribir mas de 140 caracteres y solo lo van a leer gente que realmente le interese lo que tengo q decir. Si se que en twitter tambien dices pero es tan corto que muchas veces pasa desaprevenido aun con las applicaciones para alargar el twit. En fin para mi twitter no desplaza a los blogs. Blogeros continuen bloggiando e incluyan sus feeds en twitter asi la gente sabra donde ir a leer las cosas realmente importantes que quieres compartir.

Hay que aprovechar que hoy dia existen estos medios gratuitos de libertad de expresion donde podemos decir practicamente lo que uno quiere, siente, padece y se le antoja. Asi que aprovechar estas oportunidades por la cual tantos otros lucharon y aun hoy en pleno siglo 21 siguen peleando por tener estas oportunidades.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family, food, pool & such.

What have been up to this past few days. Spent some time with family. We went to Golden Corral on the way of taking my sister to the airport on tuesday.

The rest of the days were kind of pretty random. Visited a pool with family on thursday. Yesterday we went to see my little cousins & their mom. Loved her new home. Kids are happy and I loved spending time with them. Funny kids.

Walmart haves supermarkets so now no one is safe. But the prices are actually good & is open 24hrs. That is a plus for me. You never know when you might need to buy something.

Well I guess I'll have to wait to see what happens on the days left. I think I'll have to cancel my plans for the weekend thanks to the lack of communication/interest of some parts but well... Nevermind. I knew it would happend at the end.

I hope we don't have more drama. It is enough already. Looking forward to todays BBQ to keep enjoying of family, food, pool & such.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weather, bowl, twister and such.

As always I don't get or understand the weather here on Florida. Good thing is I learned how a tornado is formed. It was damn sunny then it starts raining like if a hurricane was passing by. Scary stuff!

Went to Edison Mall got a cool Jack Skellington bag. Had some Mocha Frappucino and othe random things. Way different shopping experience with my sister. I like to go shopping with her. We had fun.

Also went to Olive Garden . I ate the Chianti something... It had portabella mushroom rissoto that was amazing. Loved it. Hope I get to go again before living. We went with all the family. A group of 25 still there were others that couldn't be there cause they were returning back to their homes. Actually most of them return by the end of the week.

After that we went bowling with the guys said goodbye to the ones that we wont be able to see for some time then head home. When we got there my aunt showed us the video of her husband BDay and after that we watched a dvd of Sandro andd Raphael... Yeah mom and titi went back to their youth days.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding and such.

So now we are done with the wedding. Got a new dress. Did mah hair. Had a good time with mah family. Havent seen some of them for some time. Others I saw some of them last year, but is always good to see them.

We are a pretty united family at least my mom tries to keep it that way. We are the ones that live far so it is kind of weird to see the relationship all the other cousins have develope and to feel you are not part of that it bothers me sometime. Therefore I try to spend time with them.

When we were younger it was easier but now they have their family, kids, jobs and other obligations makes thing more complex and difficult to stay united with the new generation. Sooner or later we might become strangers at the end and gather iup again only for weddings and such.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Heavy stuff & such

Yesterday was a rather interesting day. I think that vacations are for relaxing. Enjoy the time go to parks, beach, museums and such. I mean that is what normal people do.

My family for some strange reason loves to spend their vacations shopping. I hate it. Just because it is on sale doesn't mean you have to buy it. They have like two closets each but that isnt enough. They need more shoes or clothing. Makes me really angry.

My sister arrived today. Didn't went to pick her up at the airport, trying to avoid issues, but she is fine. Right now as I type they are in Target. I just wish we spent less time on the malls. I am not like them They are not interested on my subjects of admiration whatsoever.

Well I think that i all for now. Looking forward to the Krispy Kreme donuts my sister shall bring to me from the aiport. Yey!! Tomorrow is the wedding lets see how that goes. I hope that it will be like this roller coaster of feelings. I bet it will be charged with heavy stuff & such. You know heavy emotions... Again.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Houses & such

Yesrteday we king of went house hunting. Parents are taking into consideration aquiring a house since they travel here often etc. Besides mother side of family lives here on Florida most of them.

It rained a lot yesterday in the afternoon. Then thunder & lightning came in and i dont felt like going out. I have respect for thunder and lightning since it is pretty dangerous.

Any ways i wont bore you anymore with my vacation thing enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

De Viaje

Sharing some photos of my trip. Airport and surrounding areas. Enjoy the photos, more to come soon. I can't actually post on the blog so I'll just post photos of whatever I do while I'm on this trip. My cellphone will be my solution for now.

See you around people.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Phones, Twitter, Pets and Me.

I will talk about some subjects like twitter, phones and pets. Yes they all have something in common.. that is me.

  1. Twitter DOS & naps
    Yesterday as we all now know twitter went down of service for some hours. I dont know how many but some say that two hours. Anyways that aint important. The thing is that I never ever in my life have taken a nap. Well maybe when I was back in kindergarden i did took naps. Never been a nap person I should but no I am not. So what to do when twitter is down... nap. Yes I took a nap. I just noticed that Söndag was sleeping on mah bed [as always] and I decided to join her and I crashed there. Then when I woke up I was proud of myself I just had a nap. It felt great. I hope twitter crashes more often so it gets me on the getting a nap mode again.

    I know it shouldn't take twitter to fail for me to take a nap but it worked. People on the networks went crazy trying to log in to twitter. It was like mayhem even the news reported this like a breaking news. A couple of months ago NO ONE cared about twitter but celebrities rolled in and now everyone haves one. All the twitter applications didnt even worked. It was like many said the end of the world. That is even hilarious. Just because twitter went down people went crazy I don't even want to imagine them when on a real crisis. Geez.. ! Makes you wonder of the human capability to survive now days.

  2.  Ouh! the price of staying connected.
    To make things "worst" my mobile phone screen aint working. I own a HTC Touch that for a few days was giving me "problems" with the screen but yesterday it totally stopped working. Now I have to go to Sprint and see what they can do for mah mobile phone. I am paying the guarantee thing but I think that they will drop the refurbished crap all over this issue. Meaning I might have to spend $50 - $75 that I could totally use on my next week vacations. Ouh! the price of staying connected.

    Also my dad tried to "fix" the phone line of the house but he just messed it up. Now the wireless phone dont work. We have an old phone so that is our salvation but I cant hear it so I made the proper calls to the people that actually need to know about the ruin line and told them to call mah sister in case of an emergency cause with no house phone or mobile phone I like cant be reached. Ouh! the price of staying connected.

  3. Pet Vactions, Expences & Hotels.
    Jet Blue and all the major airlines charge $100 taking your pet with your each way. You also have to take some important papers with you. Go to your vet doc tell him you are traveling with your pet and he will do the honors of making that possible. I cant afford that shit. Cool! Well I was about to leave my baby alone by herself. But now thanks to my beloved grandmother that offered to pay her stay if a found a good place. God I always loved her and I never expected of her to do this for me but it seems that she loves Söndag too much. That makes me happy and sad at the same time. Grandma had a dog named Chispi and he died on an car accident. Someone killed him. So I think that is why she is so attached to her.

    Anyways I found a good place near my home. It is called Clinica Veterinaria Villamar in Isla Verde. They will charge me $10 the night and I have to bring her food. I will be out for 16 days so it will be $160 her stay. Which it might seem not so different but if you think about it you will see it is a huge difference. Travel was $100 each way and I've to buy food, litter, etc so in total it could turn out to be like $300 easily. Hey you never know, right. Well thats the deal she is happy I am happy Grandma wont be worried so we hit the jackpot.


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